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Snowbound & Alfresco Expand Partnership To Seamlessly Deliver Users a Complete Solution

Posted 29 May-2020 09:06 PM by lily | 855

With U.S. politics awash in a flood of questionable contributions which make representatives more beholden to special interest groups than to their constituents “ it's no surprise a majority of Americans feel democracy is broken. But with eligible voter turnout barely above 50% - isn't it the lack of participation that's breaking it? Engineered with faith in the power of change and trust in the American spirit, a new app called MOXY seeks to establish a more direct communication line between politicians and people, as well as create a vital platform where individuals can easily be informed about their local, state and national issues. MOXY is available for iPhone and Android in the App Store and Google Play. It was developed by Epluribus, LLC.

MOXY is a non-partisan ecosystem connecting voters, elected representatives, and authorized organizations with the goal of enhanced mutual understanding and greater empowerment of the general citizenry to truly disrupt the political status quo. The app and platform lower any real or perceived obstacles to democratic participation and will facilitate greater engagement and change. MOXY is designed around eight keystones:

ELECTIONS “ Users can quickly and efficiently view upcoming local, regional and national elections along with ballot information detailing candidates and ballot measures.

FORUMS “ Energetic discussion and debate is a key quality of democracy. Users can join forums of interest, participate in dialog and express their points of view while hearing from others.

LIVE STREAM - Join Live or Go Live to get spontaneous updates from colleagues, community leaders and representatives.

CHAT - Send direct messages to friends, colleagues, representatives and join group chats for dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions.

PODCAST - Find featured podcasts on a variety of subjects along with those recorded by elected representatives, thought leaders and authorized organizations.

SURVEYS AND POLLS “ Users can respond to surveys and polls on a variety of topics to ensure their opinions are included for a greater community understanding.

ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES - View details about local, regional, and national elected representatives based on your home jurisdiction to follow, connect, rate, and review them!

LEGISLATION - View proposed and enacted legislation along with official, pertinent details enabling voters to understand how it may affect them and their family.

"MOXY will transform democratic governments through an interactive nonpartisan platform that puts actionable information at the fingertips of any U.S. resident 13 years or older," said C©sar M. Melgoza, founder and CEO of Epluribus, LLC., developer of MOXY "Our goal is connecting voters, elected officials and thought leaders to create a fruitful dialog and broad-based influence."

MOXY is free to download as an ad-supported version. This allows users to register to vote or check their status; connect with representatives; get election and ballot information; join forums and live streams; use direct and group chat messaging and listen to podcasts. A Premium version priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year, removes ads and also allows the subscriber to Go Live daily for 15 minutes. At the top end of the scale is the Power User priced at $14.99 monthly or $149 annual. Power Users may lead their own forum, create chat groups, create their own podcast and Go Live up to three times daily for 30 minutes each.

Source: https://www.prleap.com/pr/275581/making-democracy-work-with-new-app-moxy-available-for-iphone-and-android


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