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Image processing: Board inspection

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How does effective work on a metalworking machine begin? With well-balanced mandrels, correctly selected tools, optimally fixed on the workpiece work table. Determination of zero points and positioning of the axis are also important starting operations, which determine the success of all subsequent processing of the part on the machine.

That is why it is important for manufacturers to be confident in the reliability of the 3D measuring device, which is responsible for the accuracy of measuring the position of the spindle relative to the workpiece. The universal 3D stylus is the most demanded product of this line, successfully operated by thousands of users around the world for over 10 years. The success of this stylus model lies in its, as the name implies, versatility, good price and simplicity. The probe is widely used on milling and EDM machines, used to solve a wide range of tasks: to set zero points, determine the eccentricity of holes and shafts, measure length and depth, check the straightness and flatness of surfaces, align workpieces and clamping devices, position the spindle along the edge of the workpiece or standard.

The universal probe is available in two versions: analog and digital. The analog (mechanical) probe model has a traditional, more familiar dial with 2 hands and a graduation of 0.01 mm. A digital panel is built into the modern digital indicator, presenting the 3D measurement results in the form of large numbers (scale division 0.001 mm), which can be conveniently and accurately read when working on large machines from large distances.

The next generation 3D probes is an evolution of universal indicator with even more advanced mechanics in a new compact housing that does not impose restrictions on the working space of the machine.

The Centro finder is a special solution for accurately determining the eccentricity of holes and shafts. Additionally, it provides the ability to check the end runout of the surface relative to the spindle.

How do 3D Probes work?

All models of 3D probes are united by a single principle of operation. The probe is placed in the chuck and stored in the tool magazine of the machine. If it is necessary to process a new part on the machine, the probe is removed from the magazine and clamped in the spindle. This principle of operation allows to achieve the highest accuracy when positioning the machine axes relative to the workpiece, set zeros or measure linear deviations.

When moving along any of the three axes of the machine (X, Y, Z), the indicator arrow will deviate in one direction, indicating the presence of a linear deviation between the workpiece and the axis. When the arrow locks on zero, this will mean that the part has been accurately aligned with the machine axis. Setting the position and the necessary 3D measurements are made quickly, accurately, without the need to decipher algebraic signs and unnecessary calculations. The use of 3D probes allows to relieve personnel, reduce additional costs and increase productivity.

One of the advantages of all 3D measuring probes is their insensitivity to water splashes and dust. They can even work completely immersed in liquid.


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