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Interview with Mohammad Yasin Lak

Posted 12 Apr-2021 05:33 PM by mohammad | 486

- Hello Yasin. You are one of Iran's most sought after physique athletes. What got you started in this industry?

From the age of about fifteen, I always knew I wanted to have muscles. I didn't really know how I would get them but watching movies and sports events, I'd see muscular men and want to be like them. When I started to play football, weight lifting was part of my training regime. That was when I got fascinated with bodybuilding.

What is it about your look that makes you so popular do you think?

I guess it's because I have good proportions and shape. I look athletic and healthy, while still carrying a decent amount of muscle; most people seem to be able to relate to my physique as apposed to the misshapen mass monsters.

Tell me more about your background in bodybuilding. What titles have you won, and what has been your greatest moment in the sport?

I started to compete on stage as a physique contender in 2015. I won 7 consecutive gold medals at Tehran regional competitions and finally became Iran's physique champion in the National championship games held in Sari. Two months later, I was a member of the national bodybuilding team, chosen to compete in Spain world championship competitions. My physique actually bloomed at my first international competition, where I stood on stage next to one of the Iranian legendary physique champions, Mohammad Kashanaki, at Mr. Olympia 2016 and I won the bronze medal in a breath-taking performance. I kept my title as Iran's reigning physique champion for the second time and were again chosen as a member of the Iranian national bodybuilding team. A month later, I competed at Iranian prestigious worker's federation championships and became a member of the workers' national team to appear on stage at Mr. Olympia competitions held in India. I chose to prepare for this event over joining the national bodybuilding team, due to these competitions being held at the same time. I traveled with the workers' national team and won Mr. Olympia's bronze medal, which was a great accomplishment for my carrier and one of the greatest moments of my life. I've participated in 16 different national and international events and won 10 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals.

Do you stay in shape year-round? As a physique athlete, what is required of you as far as maintaining a certain appearance?

Normally I try to stay in good shape year-round. As competitors, we are required to be in peak condition for every stage we appear on. If we turn up out of shape, it's a major setback for our career.

Do you consider yourself strong-minded? How does your mindset influence your life?

Yes, I consider myself very strong-minded. I'm not sure where it came from except maybe my father teaching me while training that the harder I work, the more I will achieve. Then I took this a step further where if I knew I wanted something very badly and I worked as hard as humanly possible, then there's nothing stopping me from getting what I want.

When I get what I want it's all worth it. Knowing you can have whatever you want in life, if only you work hard enough to get it, makes it easier to push yourself to the brink constantly to get it.
I guess I just want to be the best version of myself.

What separates a champion from a non-champion in your view, and why?

I think a champion is the one who is willing to push the hardest over and over without giving up, always having his or her eye on the goal. And also a champion is the one who wants the goal more than anyone else. Pretty simple really, but it does take guts.

What are your immediate goals?

Currently, I'm totally focused on taking my physique to the next level. Although I spent most of my time on my clients and my research, I try to gain more muscle and improve my conditioning.

What would you like to achieve in long term?

My biggest goal is to become a pro athlete and I have a long-term plan for upcoming international physique competitions which I think would surprise my fans.
Also, I'm working on my second book on sports science, training, diet, and contest preparation.

Thank you for your time, Yasin. I'm sure you will achieve all your goals.

Thank you too, I also want to thank my fans for all their support throughout my career. I love all of you guys and I want you to know, I'm just getting started!


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