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The Mold Girl Ramps Up Annual Air Quality Testing Following High Demand

Posted 17 Oct-2021 01:53 PM by Elizabeth | 265

Daniel Island, SC – Entrepreneur Elizabeth Keefer, aka The Mold Girl, is stepping up to meet demand from worried residents concerned about their homes being afflicted with significant health hazards.


Keefer, a well-respected council-certified indoor environmental professional, is now offering annual air quality testing for homeowners worried their homes could have mold, allergens, or other hazardous contaminants.


She has more than 12 years of experience in the industry and believes proper indoor air quality is at the center of everything she is passionate about. 


The Mold Girl understands the need for quick reactions and report turnarounds. Her passion is working one-on-one with each family to address the many concerns that mold and moisture may cause and address misconceptions promoted by social media.


"We listen to clients' concerns, evaluate their home, take tests to determine if they have mold present, and remove the mold using industry standards," commented Ms Keefer.


"The goal is to ensure the health, comfort, and well-being of those living in a home are not adversely influenced by a lack of proper ventilation and increased contaminants or odors. An IAQ specialist's evaluation of the home can determine what pollutants affect the living space."


Liz's interest in the indoor air quality business began while working in the remediation industry, despite having a formal design degree. She realized there had to be a better method after being given work scopes with no indication of the source or cause of the growth.


As she proceeded to delve deeper into the world of building sciences while still working as a mold remediator, she was unwittingly struck down by mold sickness herself. Instead of abandoning the sector, Liz delved into the area of indoor air quality, not realizing just how essential it was until she realized how much it affected her and her family. 


Her research has ranged from mold to the often neglected contaminants such as lead, asbestos, and volatile organic compounds. There is no indoor air quality contaminant that she has not investigated and can assist you in removing from your house or facility.


The Mold Girl has received five-star reviews for their attentive services and problem-solving for many customers. "I reached out to this company recommended by one of my relatives," commented client Alfred Wilcox. "I am completely satisfied with their mold testing service. There was no mold growth in my house, as per the report. I am now stress-free and happy."


Amber Taylor added: "Prompt, patient, professional and respectful. I am so appreciative for this company and Liz. She took her time to explain everything to me, did not pressure me to purchase more samples, was honest and kind. Prices are good, and I would recommend."


For more information or to book an appointment with The Mold Girl company:


Phone: 843-513-7886

Email: info@askthemoldgirl.com
Website: https://www.askthemoldgirl.com/



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