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Davide Sakure releases new house music track THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119

Posted 15 Jun-2020 02:13 PM by Thomas | 990

Davide Sakure's record label Planet Apricot describes his new single track THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 as "Dark House". The pre-release is on June 19, 2020 on Davide Sakure's Soundcloud Account. Soundcloud's Repost Network will realize the digital distribution of this track by delivering the track to all platforms. The global release date on all platforms is July 24, 2020.

Davide Sakure's label actually only takes up the impression of those who have previously had the opportunity to listen to THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119. But also on social networks, users from the USA and Japan compared the vibe of previous tracks with the pioneers of electronic music Depeche Mode. Davide Sakure says: "I love Depeche Mode and from this point of view I naturally consider these views to be a great compliment. However, when I recorded my tracks, it was a few months ago that I heard Depeche Mode for the last time. So there was no direct inspiration. "

The atmosphere of THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 is mystical, and when you consider previous releases, mystery seems to be an integral part of Davide Sakure's DNA.

THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 is named as "dark house" by the label, but the actual assessment is better reserved for the music listeners and the people in the clubs.

As before, this track contains Davide Sakure's self-programmed synthesizer sounds, modern EDM bass lines and an intensity that invites you to dream as well as to dance. It is again striking that Sakure works with many synth and bass layers.

THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 has a very long duration, but it doesn't get boring. Sakure skilfully varies the basic theme of the track as it was the case in YURAI. Various beats are used to ensure that the tension arc of the track does not tear off. So you could say that the track has something of a certain dramaturgy.

Davide Sakure recorded THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 during his corona quarantine. After MASCHINE this is the second track from that time. Incidentally, SCIENCE will soon be the third track from this period.

More information about Davide Sakure and his activities can be found on davidesakure.com and Davide Sakure's  vibrant accounts on Twitter (twitter.com/DavideSakure) and Instagram (instagram.com/DavideSakure). Davide Sakure's Soundcloud account is soundcloud.com/DavideSakure


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