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Event on National Symposium on Life Time Care of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Posted 06 Nov-2019 01:42 PM by Dr. Jitendra | 17

Trishla Foundation is happy to announce the event of National Symposium on life time care of children with Cerebral Palsy from a parental perspective, on the Sunday, the 1st of December, 2019 in Pragyagraj (Allahabad), UP, India. The agenda in light is to spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy, why it occurs, what are the symptoms and what can parents do to best take care of their children who suffer from CP. The event will strive to bring in hope in parents of children with CP and adults with CP and reassure them of a good life. People with Cerebral Palsy who able to manage his medical health often have a pretty normal and a good quality lifespan. The only problem here is that people aren't just as aware as they should be about how to deal with CP and Trishla Foundation wants to bring about solid awareness in this regard through this Symposium.

The Agenda

With the mission "to integrate every child with loco motor disability especially cerebral palsy to the mainstream of society by providing comprehensive rehabilitation care", Trishla Foundation is on its way to not only become the best Cerebral Palsy Treatment Center in India but also to spread awareness about the same in parents who have children suffering from CP or adult CP patients. Being a ray of hope and a light of faith to the sufferers of Cerebral Palsy is the end goal of Trishla Foundation.

What's more?

A special free assessment & follow-up camp will be held on the 2nd of December, Monday from 9 AM to 1 PM IST at Trishla Orthopedic clinic. This is open for everyone who's participating and it's being done as part of Trishla's NGO activities. In addition to this, a cultural activity will be done by the children affected with cerebral palsy, their parents and team of trishla on the evening of 1st December 2019 after the completion of symposia.

When is it happening?

The National Symposium is happening on the 1st of December, 2019 - Sunday between 8 AM to 8 PM IST.

Where is it happening?

Mehta auditorium, Prayag Sangeet Samiti, civil line, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India.

What will be talked about?

The broad topics of discussion are - Life time parental care for children with CP, Nutritional care, activities of daily life, dental & oral care, care of children with epilepsy, educational need of children with CP, vocational placements, care in planning of next pregnancy in a way that can prevent from formation of babies with CP and a Special workshop for girls with Cerebral Palsy, competitive quiz & interactive session with specialist has also been arranged. 

Who can participate?

Parents of children with CP, CP affected adults, physio & occupational therapists, Special Educators and Social Workers.

What are the registration fees?

INR 1000/- per family or therapist till 30th November

INR 1200/- for spot registrations

What does the registration charges include?

Registration charges are inclusive of snacks, lunch and dinner. Dormitory facilities are also made available for people traveling from different cities for convenience but prior information is required. You can take care of your stay personally too by online / offline booking of nearby hotels.

How to register?

You can register online by remitting online fees on our website through Pay-u donation link and information of registration should be sent to mail [email protected]

Follow the Registration form link- https://trishlafoundation.com/latest-event-conference/

Got any queries?

Write all your queries or concerns to us simply by texting us on our WhatsApp numbers 9935209951, 8543995562, 7379087121. We'd be glad to assist you in all possible ways we can. 

Company Information

Company Name Contact Person Contact Number Email Id Website
Trishla Foundation Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain 8543995562 [email protected] https://www.trishlafoundation.com/

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