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5 Reasons why Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign will increase traffic for your eCommerce Company

Posted 27 Oct-2021 06:45 PM by Web | 738

Bulk SMS marketing is the modern marketing tool used by businesses that operate online and offline. It is a tool that sends direct messages to the target market and gives them exposure to larger segments of prospective customers. Online bulk SMS marketing has made it easier to compose and puh relevant SMSes that are personalized to the receiver. eCommerce web design company will integrate features for creating SMSes for marketing campaigns in the backend software. Here are 5 reasons Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign will increase traffic for your eCommerce Company.

1. Instant delivery

In a single instant, SMS can be delivered to a large number of people which means, in a day the company can push its message to a vast market. The messages can be customized to include individual names and preferences. So, when a new campaign is being launched, the marketing team can design messages from as many days prior as they like to the day of the event to ensure a maximum number of potential customers receive the message and instant awareness is generated.

2. Crisp messaging

Since SMSes have a limited word count, the messages are crisp and to the point. Thus, without any distractions, the customers can get the gist of the marketing message and respond to it accordingly. Also, since it is a marketing message, customer queries can be rerouted to customer service rather than be bombarded by messages from the customers.

3. High conversion

As people receive the SMSs personally, especially for eCommerce websites, people respond instantly as they visit the website to check out the offer. Also, mostly the recipients of the SMS are customers who have opted in for the œreceive SMS promotions options. Hence, they are expecting SMSes for communications from the company. Also, through data research that goes behind by online bulk SMS marketing companies, the target market is identified through proper data mining where prospective customers are identified based on many factors such as their “

a. Purchase history

b. Income

c. Age group

d. location

4. Attach offer link to a website

Nowadays companies can add a direct link to the offer page on the website and to the mobile application. Thus, clients can directly check the offer and avail it while they are on the page. So, even if the offers are on multiple categories, the customer can view them all on the wider offer page.

5. Strengthen value and effectiveness of existing communication channels

If the client is missing communication on existing communication channels such as emails, or they are ignoring these communications, SMSes will reinforce the message and direct the customers to respond to the email or other communications.

eCommerce web design company in USA can design entire pages around special offers and marketing campaigns such as flash sales or festive sales. With online bulk SMS marketing companies can strengthen the efficacy of the marketing campaign by communicating about its dates directly with the prospective customer.



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