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How to Combat Dead Skin Issues During Winter

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Winter is a time when the health of our skin is tested. We often find ourselves itching and battling against dry and dead skin that causes irritation.

The cold dry wind can leave your skin feeling raw and it is common for a person to face irritation due to dead skin. Practises and skin therapies that you indulged during summer times could often be counterproductive during the harsh winter cold. We have listed below the few ways you can maintain the health of your skin during winter.

Eat well & stay hydrated

The primary key to maintaining the health of your skin is to keep your body hydrated at all times and supplement it with the right nutrients. The main ingredient that most people tend to skip and that aids with skin health is fat, good fats. Fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from fish and fats from avocado or flaxseed oils are extremely beneficial for your skin.

Investing in a humidifier

Humidifiers keep the air moist. They help in preventing dryness that could cause irritation across your body. Humidifiers also prevent cracking of lips, dry cough, bloody noses, and sinus congestion or headaches. When used correctly, humidifiers can be your closest companions during harsh winters. However, when overused, humidifiers can cause respiratory problems. 

Optimize your thermostat for moisturizing

When it’s chilly outdoors, we tend to crank up the temperature. However, the central heat makes the air around your home drier and dry air leads to having dry skin which can cause skin rashes and itching. The optimal temperature setting to maintain skin health while keeping yourself warm during winter would be between 68° F to 72° F. This will balance a cool yet comfortable setting that will maintain a healthy skin.

Regulate your shower times

During winter, our body craves a long and hot shower. We catch ourselves showering or bathing for 30 minutes just because of how enjoyable a hot bath can be during winter. However, hot water could leave your skin dry and prone to itchiness. Keeping your showers between 5-to-10 minutes will be more beneficial while you are seeking to keep your skin clean and healthy. You should also avoid extremely hot water while showering as it could further leave your skin dry.  Moreover, avoid using hot water while washing your hands. If your palms turn red, it means that the water is too hot. While using the hand-dryers at restaurants, be sure to leave your hands damp rather than perfectly dry. According to the Center for Disease Control, cooler water is more efficient in killing germs whilst keeping your skin moist.

Fragrance-free cleaners

A regular bar of soap contains irritation inducing ingredients and fragrances. The wrong soap could also cause itchy, dry skin. Relying on fragrance-free, moisturizing gel or cleanser could help you maintain the health of your skin during winter. Most fragrant cleaners contain chemicals. These chemicals could cause skin irritation. During winters, you could prevent skin problems by limiting the use of soaps overall. You could use it only for particular areas such as your hands, armpits, genitals, and feet.

Opt-into seasonal skincare regimen

Cream-based cleansers are the way to go during winter. Choose appropriate toners and astringents, and apply them moderately. Be sure to avoid alcohol-based and fragrant cleaners as these products tend to dry the skin further and absorb its natural oils. Using a rich moisturizer on your face before you sleep could prevent your face from feeling dry when you wake up. Be sure to use chapstick to avoid cracked lips. However, if your lip product causes a stinging or tingling sensation, try switching to a different product.

Use Skin scrubbers & skin spatulas

Skin scrubber & skin spatula is a godsend during colder months. This device provides you with a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. We often skip out on skin therapies during winter as it is hard to gain the motivation to leave home and spend time with a dermatologist. The skin scrubber & skin spatula by eDiva is a great way to remove blackheads and dead skin. The device uses ultrasonic waves that cause the skin to vibrate, and exfoliates and removes the dirt and excess oil that is present within blackheads. With the removal of blackheads, your skin will look clearer and cleaner. This skincare device also promotes blood flow through your skin, therefore, increases the supply of nutrients to the skin cells.

Moisturize often

Lotions are better during warmer and humid climates, hence, using creams or ointments are the best ways to maintain your skin's moisture during winter. While applying creams or ointments, we often tend to forget to moisturize our hands. Since our bodies are protected by a layer of clothing, moisturizers tend to stay in effect for the whole day. However, that is not the case with our hands as every time we grab something or wash our hands, they take a beating. The best way to keep dry skin away from our hands would be to avoid washing them excessively and to apply moisturizers frequently throughout the day. 

Never forget sunscreen

During winter, the days are grey so we tend to skip out on sunscreen. However, the snow reflects the sun’s rays up to 80%. Be sure to wear sunscreen every time you go outside. Do not be fooled by the dark, dreary days of winter. The sun's UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and still cause damage to your skin. Be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to all exposed areas of the body to prevent any skin problems that could be caused by the harmful rays of the sun.

Cloth yourself appropriately

Dry, dead skin often forms around the body during winter. Although wool and rough clothing keep us warm during winter, it could also cause extreme irritation when it makes contact with dry skin and could cause itchiness that leads to skin rashes.

You can combat this by wearing a layer of light and soft clothes of clothing directly onto your skin before putting on heavier and warmer sweaters or clothing. Be sure to wear mittens or gloves to help your hands stay warm. If these cause irritation, you could wear cotton or silk glove liners before wearing your woolen mittens or gloves.

Avoid wearing wet clothes

Clothes do not dry as easily during winters as they do during the summers but in times of impatience, we tend to wear clothes that are not perfectly dry. Wet clothing causes irritation in your skin and should not be worn. Leaving your clothes dry inside your home, near your furnace, is the best way to dry your clothes during winter. 

Winter falls during the holiday season, a time to enjoy and spread joy with our friends and families. However, we should not neglect to maintain the health of our skin as it could cause discomfort and irritation. The easiest way of maintaining the health of your skin is by relying on the skincare tools provided by eDiva. They are easy to use and effective in means. The fun doubles when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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