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NoMachine Announces Upcoming Cloud Server Suite in Version 6

Posted 01 Nov-2021 07:42 AM by Steve | 422

NoMachine, a leader in cross-platform remote computing solutions, today unveiled details of what's coming up in the release of its next software update, NoMachine 6: a new Cloud Server suite, a streamlined Linux Terminal Server family and extending the functionality of browser-based access to the entire enterprise-oriented range are just some of the novelties to be expected.

Cloud Server 6 will be an integrated offering that bridges the gap between physical and virtual resources scattered across corporate networks, allowing organizations to converge heterogeneous environments running on Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations. Cloud Server becomes a connection broker to all other NoMachine servers and foreign hosts and will sit at the top of the NoMachine product hierarchy in the eponymous product suite.

Our goal is to simplify the usability and manageability of our software, not just innovate.



The new Cloud Server will replace the Cloud Server of previous versions which offered users the option to connect to their remote desktops via the browser. Web-based access will no longer be exclusive to Cloud Server and will be extended to all products of the enterprise-oriented range, permitting users connecting from clientless endpoints to access the desktop environment via any HTML-enabled browser.

Linux virtual desktop will be exclusive to the Linux Terminal Server family with Enterprise Terminal Server at the helm, replacing both Enterprise Server and Cloud Server for Linux in earlier versions.

Feature enhancements are also expected which include official support for RaspberryPi, automatic reconnection, automatic detection of proxy server, support for H.264 codec in WebRTC sessions, and improved failback mechanisms for NoMachine servers in cluster.

Said Gaspare Tripi, General Manager of NoMachine: "Our goal is to simplify the usability and manageability of our software, not just innovate. Whilst we were laying down the foundations of what's to come, we realized there was also an opportunity to streamline the naming hierarchy as well as introduce some exciting changes. By extending web-based access to our other products we've added further value to our product offering."

For more information about what's coming in version 6, please consult the NoMachine website, https://www.nomachine.com/what-s-coming-up.

About Cloud Server Family

NoMachine's Cloud Server sits at the top of the NoMachine server stack to let organizations consolidate their entire NoMachine server environment. Tailored for organizations with large-scale deployments, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their application or desktop; it also permits administrators to build a scalable multi-tier infrastructure.

About NoMachine

NoMachine, creator of the reputable NX Linux Terminal Server System, is a game-changer in the remote computing arena, offering an intuitive remote access and desktop sharing solution with multimedia support, device redirection, session recording and playback, file-transfer, bidirectional printing and much more. For more information visit https://www.nomachine.com.


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