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Aroush Tech in Bangladesh carry out SEO work

Posted 04 Jan-2021 02:30 PM by amir | 1218

Entrepreneurs and companies must reinforce their efforts in digital marketing to achieve the visibility they seek with their presence on the web

On the Internet, competition does not stop growing and, in this context, a correct digital marketing strategy is essential, especially for those entrepreneurs and companies that plan to carry out an important part of their business directly on the Internet. For this reason, Aroush Tech has carried out a study to verify the importance that Spanish companies attach to digital marketing and, more specifically, to their SEO and SEM strategies.


The report prepared by the company for SEO (On-page & Off-Page), Backlinks, link building, Social media sharing, SEO Audit, and other online presence services, reveals that just over a third of companies (35.2%) say they carry out periodic SEO work. Similarly, only 38% of companies carry out SEM actions. However, and although it is somewhat paradoxical, 45.4% of the firms surveyed consider that the greatest benefit of having a website is precisely its visibility.


Entrepreneurs and companies must reinforce their efforts in digital marketing to achieve the visibility they seek with their presence on the web. We must not forget that the main objective of digital marketing is none other than finding our potential clients among all the millions of users of the Internet and also that our target public finds us when they are looking for the products and services that we offer in a search engine.


However, according to the report, 3 out of 5 Bangladeshi companies (58%) allocate less than 10% of their marketing budget to SEO and SEM and only 14.9% have contracted the services of a provider of this type of services to receive advice.


Similar data shows the eCommerce Evolution and Outlook Report 20151, according to which 47% of Bangladeshi online businesses expected to maintain their investment in digital marketing last year, compared to 25% who expected to increase the budget for this item by up to 10% and 28% of electronic businesses that expected to raise their disbursement above that percentage.


All this despite the fact that online marketing has proven to be a profitable and effective tool. In addition, unlike traditional advertising, it is an instrument that is also available to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies, since it is not as expensive as, for example, advertising on TV or in print. In the same way, digital advertising also makes it possible to reach an audience in other countries that would be very expensive or even impossible to contact through traditional advertising.


Although any correct digital marketing strategy will always involve SEO and SEM work, it must be borne in mind that they are independent strategies, although closely linked. Broadly speaking, a combination of both can allow us to obtain both immediate results if the campaign is well planned (SEM), and in the medium and long term (SEO).


The SEO strategy must be considered in the medium and long term. Seeking immediate results is a mistake and, in certain cases, it is also really difficult to calculate exactly the exact level of return on investment in organic positioning.

Meanwhile, with regard to the SEM strategy, it must be taken into account that it is a strategy that not only provides short-term results in the form of direct sales but also huge amounts of relevant information that can later be used in the positioning strategy. in search engines.


It must also be taken into account that a digital marketing strategy does not make sense if it is not complemented with another series of actions. For example, in the case of SEO, a good website design is essential to improve organic positioning search engines, like the site is easy to navigate and is well organized, that it loads quickly (the tolerance time would be 2 seconds) and that it has sections with unique names and descriptions.


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