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Niblack Foods’ Meat Tenderizer Makes Your Cuts Even Tastier

Posted 24 Nov-2021 10:37 PM by Niblack | 847

Rochester, NY “ Niblack Foods is helping home cooks show they're a cut above the rest when it comes to tastier meat dishes “ thanks to their special Niblack No-Salt Meat Tenderizer Powder.


A Rochester-based company founded in 1932, Niblack Foods is offering to resolve any issues a chef may have with tougher, more economical cuts of meats by making them more flavorsome and more responsive with the addition of their Niblack No-Salt Meat Tenderizer Powder.


The natural ingredient in their tenderizer, papain, is an enzyme found naturally in the fruit of the papaya plant (Carica papaya). The enzymes help break down proteins, which in turn makes it an ideal meat tenderizer. It is also an excellent addition to have to hand for stir-fries! 


Niblack recommends that the best tenderizing results are to pierce the meat with a sharp knife or fork all over, then coat one side with the Niblack No-Salt Meat Tenderizer powder. Sprinkle on some liquid to help the Niblack No-Salt Meat Tenderizer powder reach the interior portions of the meat. 


Water works fine as the sprinkled liquid, but for even more flavor, add a sauce, marinade or other flavored liquid, such as wine, broth, vinegar, or soy sauce. Adding a little flavor during the tenderizing is an opportunity to further enhance your meat in this process. 


If preparing a thicker cut of meat, leave the Niblack No-Sat Meat Tenderizer Powder on the meat for 30 minutes. Do the same process to the other side of the meat, and then it's ready to bake or broil.


Niblack Foods was initially created as a bakery, milling its flour and specializing in whole-grain bread, cookies and pastries. The company has since become a wholesale resource to health food stores. During that time, toasted wheat germ, pancake mixes, cookies, and granolas/cereals were their main offerings. 


Later, Niblack Foods began providing high-quality spices, flavors, and seasoning blends.

Today it is a vital resource for everyday goods and unique ingredients.


For further enquiries about their fantastic range of rubs and blends, such as the Niblack No-Salt Meat Tenderizer Powder, visit their store at 900 Jefferson Rd., Rochester (Henrietta area, Genesee Valley Regional Market). Open Monday“Friday, 9 am-5 pm, Saturday, 9 am-4 pm. Curbside pickup is available during these hours. 


They are also at the Rochester Public Market (seasonally) on SaturdaysAlternatively, shop online at www.niblackfoods.com.



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