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“The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners,” an Amazon Best-Selling Book is Free For One More Day (until 6/5/2020)

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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Jacob M. Hanes' new book, œThe 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners - 2nd Edition. It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day on June 5th.   

After several highly successful businesses, and a couple epic failures, Jake Hanes, CPA and highly successful entrepreneur, shares not only his step-by-step strategies on turning a business into a cash cow, but also shares the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs. No matter your age, the industry you're in, or your current level of success (or failure) in business to date, this book will provide the resources, insights, best practices, and ultimately, the step-by-step road map to become the #1 most successful business owner in your industry. 

Mr. Hanes, who has coached hundreds of business owners in virtually every industry, has one of the most successful businesses in his own industry. In this book, he gives you the tools he learned from Kevin Weir of ActionCOACH, his own mentor and business coach for more than 15 years, and provides insights in a powerful Introduction from Brad Sugars, Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH Global, along with insights from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This book is packed full of powerful tools from the most successful business leaders today. œThe 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners explains the 7 Proven Strategies that give a business predictable cash flows, leverage their resources, and deal with the uncertainty, economic volatility and unprecedented changes in today's business climate. 

In plain English and from inspiring, true stories, you'll discover:

How to effectively increase revenues through customer acquisition and nurture.
Strategies from the world's top experts on how to market your business successfully.
The simple to follow core principles on how to streamline your business into a smooth, operating machine.
The simple and fastest ways to manage cash flows.
The #1 thing to Avoid in order to be the #1 Success in business.
How to master the processes of hiring the right people, and building a powerful team.
How to create a highly profitable business that runs without you.
When you finish these pages, you will know how to become the #1 Most Successful Business Owner in your industry!

œThe 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners by Jacob M. Hanes will be free and available for download on Amazon for 1 more day (6/5/2020)

œThe 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners has a 5.0-star rating on Amazon.com. Here's what some people had to say:  

œGreat book with very useful and helpful tips that we have implemented in our business and it has drastically helped us. I would highly recommend that you pick up this book and implement! “ Tina McKay

œThis book is packed with hundreds of easy-to-use strategies to improve every area of a business. Easy to read. Highly recommended. “ Krista R. 

For More Information:

For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact us at (626) 765-9750 or email info@bestsellerpublishing.org . 

Best Seller Publishing is a Los Angeles Publishing Company dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs become œthe hunted with their best-selling books. 
About the Author:

Jacob M Hanes is a public speaker, CPA and entrepreneur. Jake delivers high energy messages that motivate people to take action in life to build highly successful businesses. As an entrepreneur, he has been coaching business owners for more than 14 years in every facet of operating and growing their business. He has succeeded, as well as failed, in business and he shares his experiences, relevant concepts and tools you can use to take a five year leap in your business success.

Jake lived the first 40 years of his life with epilepsy, enduring thousands of seizures. Yet, amid all the inherent challenges, he reached great heights, including summiting the five highest peaks in Washington and building several successful businesses. Now cured of epilepsy, he continues to succeed by goal setting and achieving every day. As a CPA and entrepreneur, he takes education very seriously, bringing his challenging experiences to life in educating and entertaining audiences of all sizes. 
A graduate of Central Washington University with a BA in Accounting, Jake is a Certified Public Accountant operating a highly successful CPA firm in Auburn, WA.

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