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A smart wallet with anti theft anti lost, GPS wallet , india

Posted 28 Jul-2021 03:09 PM by Arista | 995

 Even with mobile payments taking off, most of us still carry credit cards, ID, membership cards, and sometimes even cash around with us. The best way to keep all those things together is to use a wallet.If you're content with a plain old regular wallet, then it's time to switch to the smart wallet introduced by Arista Vault. The simple folded leather wallet for cards and cash has seen something of a reinvention of late, with a new influx of smart wallets hitting the market.

You may be wondering why you need your wallet to be smart. Well, what happens when your wallet goes missing? 

The wallet bot from Arista Vault offers a wallet with unique features like tracking capabilities, so you can get a warning if you leave it behind and track its location on a map on your phone. Another common feature is protection from RFID skimming to prevent criminals from stealing card information.

Arista vault products have awesome features like:

  1. Anti-lost/ Anti-theft: Smart wallet has Anti-lost/ Anti-theft Alert alarm. Whenever misplaced or lost your wallet finds your mobile phone and finds your wallet with the help of a Pick-pocket Alarm. 

  2. GPS Tracker: You can easily track your wallet with your mobile map by GPS LOCATOR or Map Tracking feature.

  3. Separation Alarm: An inbuilt alarm that automatically starts ringing with 20 mtr of separation by which you can track your mobile.

  4. Selfie Button: A Selfie button feature is also available in the wallet by which you can click selfies easily with lots of people.

  5. Power charging: Smart wallet has 3000mh power charging capability from this feature you Can charge your phone anywhere.

  6. Design engineered leather: Premium leather that is heatproof and slash-proof specially build for hold electronics.

  7. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification): By this, every card in your wallet is secure and no one can access them.


It's quick and easy to set up your wallet with the smartphone. The mobile app allows you to ping the tracker card, so it plays a sound to help you find your wallet in a hurry. So don't wait and buy from our exclusive range of wallets. Visit https://www.aristavault.com/



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