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Looking for professional communicators to get the news of your event press release in front of the media? Then you are on the right page…


Press Release Power is a reliable name in Public Relations Services. It is everyone’s event promotion press release distribution brand. We are a trusted public relations and communications partner that makes your news reach in front of the media, stakeholders, and the public that goes online looking and seeking news. Press Release Power is one of the most advanced central sources for those seeking breaking news and those who have breaking news to share. You can now upload the news of your event release directly into the stream of daily breaking news. Our press release distribution footprint reaches millions and is highly efficient as it knows how to target the right audiences through its complete global media contact database, online syndication, and regional, national or international distribution. 

With Press Release Power one can opt event announcement press release to promote one’s company’s commerce.


Reach a one-stop-shop business event press release


If you are trying to excel in the business marketplace, then rely on the business event press release distribution services of Press Release Power where you can choose the path of the press release for upcoming event. Experts at Press Release Power excel in sharing any brand’s story around the world to spread its news worldwide exactly in a way that is needed. With press release distribution services you can create awareness among more people with the help of pre event press releases as well as a post event press release


The press release distribution option makes your content visible and accessible to the general public. Whether it's a sports event press release or NGO event press release, you need to reach the right places where your event press release can be searched and found. As much as we spread the message of our event the more industrial expansion we will get. With high-quality press releases and visibility, brand value can get amplified.


At Press Release Power, virtual event press releases and other news releases are posted on the most important online sites, social media platforms, and search engines. Besides, they are also indexed and commingled with other leading news source material. The event press release at our place is written by highly qualified PR writing experts. If done appropriately, event release can reveal the positive phases of your company and in turn, will help in building a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of prospective consumers who may want to invest in your business. 


An event press release Newswire – Press Release Power


Press Release Power has extremely skilled and able specially selected writers who are experts at writing your event press release. These writers understand the importance of press releases and make sure that your event press release is only one of its kind. They keep it shorter and clearer so that more customers can get engrossed in it. We have more than 3, 60,000+ global contacts in around 30 countries. Our database and contact information is updated at the local, national and international level.


Another attractive feature of Press Release Power is that they distribute video press release services on hundreds of different television channels where you can also publicize your event press release. Videos take less time to get shot and get official. Videos are more effective than texts as it is easily reachable to thousands of journalists and reporters at the same time. 


Press Release Power makes every effort possible to make the process of submitting an event press release easy and economic.


Be a member of Press Release Power to submit an event press release to get guaranteed PR Distribution, Syndication, Promotion, and Coverage. To get assured of the quality of our releases, you can ask for event press release samples. Reach us!


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