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Solar Wifi Eco Bin will be implemented in Cities in Catalonia, Spain

Posted 29 Apr-2021 04:12 AM by Andrea | 891

 The city of Mollerusa in the Lleida region of Catalonia reaches an agreement with Solar Outdoor Media from Germany and becomes the first city in the region to deploy the Smart Waste Solar WiFi Eco Bin, as part of its initial rollout project Mollerusa Smart-Lab promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia in Spain.

In essence, the Solar Wifi Eco Bin uses sensors, algorithms, and data analytics to reduce waste pick and route optimization costs up to 30%, on waste management and recycling and lower up to 60% on carbon emissions, Solar Wi fi Eco Bin powered by solar energy and collect data on real-time product consumption and wastage optimization. The Solar-powered interactive recycling Bins feature either static or digital Sustainable Advertising displays, also a citizen app and all units provide free Wi-Fi and USB for mobile device charges to anyone in the vicinity that logs into our network.

This was announced officially by city Mayor Marc Solsona himself, during a press conference on April 20, 2021. The objective and goals of this deployment plan are to optimize the selective collection of waste in the cities region with Solar WiFi Eco Bin, intelligent and automated equipment that will allow the classification of materials through its intelligence artificial technology and thus be able to separate glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, batteries, cigarette butts. of cigarettes and many other types of waste.

Mayor Solsona infantize and highlighted the benefits of each of the smart waste management units, including its solar panels, dynamic digital screens, Wi-Fi internet access, and USB charging points for mobile devices.

Precisely two additional objectives with the equipment are to improve wi-fi connectivity in places far from the center and to evaluate its usefulness as a dynamic advertising and environmentally sustainable communication system based on its digital and static screens.

The project is expected to begin at the beginning of June at the San Jos© Fair, according to Mr. Esteve Aymerich, advisor for the city's Smart area. The Solar WiFi Eco bin will be placed in different parts of the city prioritizing the areas to test coverage details, connectivity, and waste optimization.

According to the representative of Solar Outdoor Media a (German Base company), Ms. Mariona Asensio, the smart sensors of each bin will allow its monitoring and with this information, it will be possible to optimize the waste collection routes, as well as the frequency, which translates into a reduction of logistics costs and carbon emissions. Ms. Asensio also explained that the units will be connected to an application that gives the city council and their e-waste collector the opportunity to collect data in real-time on the filling volumes of the smart bins. Citizens can also download the app to find out where there is a Solar WiFi Eco Bin nearby but also enjoy free Wifi while they are in the vicinity.

About Solar Outdoor Media, is a Berlin, Germany-based international company, award-winning smart waste management, with integration and development of indoor and outdoor waste management solutions such as the Solar WiFi Eco Bin.

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