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Square Triangle Has Ambitious Goal to Rival Top Mobile Games with Its Recent Release Bowling Clash

Posted 27 Apr-2022 06:13 AM by Yulia | 506

The developers add strategic and tactical features to a classic PvP bowling game to make it more challenging and fun than real bowling as well as top sports mobile titles. 

Bowling Clash: New Legends is a new bowling game on the market, and it has to compete with such big titles as Bowling Crew, Tennis Clash, and Golf Clash. To do so, the developers found their way to make the game stand out. On top of classic bowling mechanics, they added strategic and tactical features to make the game more challenging, engaging, and fun. Not only should a player knock the pins down (something that one would expect from a bowling game), but skill up the character, choose balls and gear based on their specific parameters, even sign contracts with sponsors, and gain followers to climb a competitive bowling ladder. Now, this is the main mission of the game - to become the GOAT of bowling, and there are a number of strategies to do so. Each character has a unique combination of stats at the start (for example, higher Speed, Loft, or Luck), and this combination would affect which balls and gear a character should use to be more successful on the lanes and get more bonuses and perks. 

Some of the features a player would find in the game: 

  • Quick (~3 min) 1v1 matches with the opponents from all over the world; 

  • Intuitive controls; 

  • Speed, Accuracy, Loft, Concentration, and Luck stats of the character that boost the ball's performance;  

  • Appealing balls and gear; 

  • High graphics locations, each with a unique piece of vibey music; 

  • A likes and followers system that motivates a player to work harder on the perfect shots; 

  • And fame. One should go all the way from being Unfamed to Top prospect, Leading light, Crowdpleaser, Headliner, Celebrity, A-lister, Superstar, Idol - and finally the GOAT of bowling. That is a real challenge.      

The game also features such classic casual things as upgrades, chests, quests, season passes, and a reward line. It is still in its early stage of development, so not all of these features have been fully realized just yet. Those from the USA, Canada, and Australia can already check out this new game on their iOS and Android devices. 

The Square Triangle team plays smart promoting their game too. They're using behind-the-scenes materials on social media. That could be a good move given the fact that the whole world is moving towards transparency and visibility, and open dialogue with the community is essential for growth. The Bowling Clash Giphy channel is an example of such a trend. https://giphy.com/channel/bowlingclash 

Players can read more about the team on their official page http://squaretriangle.team/ or drop them a line at feedback@squaretriangle.team. They do hear their audience.  


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