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“Follow The Notes”- A Perfect Digital Music Coach

Posted 22 Apr-2021 09:21 PM by Follow The Notes | 1017

(Italy), (21/04/2020) In order to cater to the expanding user base of the online music industry, there is going to be a stupendous modern-age digital music coach, named œFollow The Notes. It is an extraordinary application that vows to deliver an astounding music-learning platform for both, aspiring musicians and experts.

œFollow The Notes- An App Where Music Begins!

 œFollow The Notes is an interactive application that allows the users to embark on a pleasing music learning experience, at any place or time. It provides an opportunity for users to learn a musical instrument of their choice(guitar/bass guitar/double bass), and master their musical skills. The core of the app is based on an algorithm(patent pending), which is able to generate a random song, based on the setting of the user.  

 In the existing glut of digital music coaches, œFollow The Notes is an ideal app that would reconstruct an individual's musical journey with specially curated training programs.


Unique Selling Points Of œFollow The Notes 

  •   ¢ A digital music coach who guides you to fulfill your passion for music. 

  ¢ Build up guitar knowledge with specially curated training programs. 

  ¢ Boost performance with effective exercises for a never-ending song book.

  ¢ Focus training on a specific hand position to help to build knowledge on guitar/bass guitar/double bass fretboard.
  ¢ Practice score reading for improved learning. 

  ¢ Observe steady progress over time. 


            Relish Some Added Perks!

             ¢ Sharpen music-learning skills.

             ¢ Master guitar or 4/5/6 strings bass guitar/double bass. 

             ¢ Create a personalized book of music exercises. 

             ¢ Learn the position of the notes on the fretboard.

             ¢ Improve technique and control of the hand. 


            A Customized Music Tutor in Your Pocket

             Become a part of a budding community and tune into the passion for learning music.


            Download the app


            For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.followthenotes


            For iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/follow-the-notes/id1550576468

            Follow us on social media


            Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/followthenotz


            Instagram  - https://www.instagram.com/followthenotz/


            Twitter - https://twitter.com/followthenotz

            Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/followthenotz/

            For any further details about the application, get in touch.



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