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ipassio: an e-learning bridge to your passions

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Nostalgia is a constant companion - a feeling that always comes around while we come across familiar situations, places and even activities. Do you remember your most favourite hobby while you were growing up? It could have been your favourite dance class, musical instrument, or maybe those cooking classes you always wanted to sign up for? The new normal may have kept most of us at home, studying, or working, but e-learning on ipassio is the bridge you can cross to get to your long-time aspirations.

 It's time to bring back that rigorous passion for these hobbies - #Pickitupagain  

ipassio is the answer to your dreams and childhood passions. Along with its varied range of curated courses, enjoy reigniting your hobbies with zest. Enjoy learning from teachers who provide you with the best of their knowledge in a series of 1-on-1, online live sessions. ipassio provides you with classes that cover a lot of ground on an individualistic, 1-on-1 level between the learner and the teacher, ipassio is the platform you need to develop the hobbies you wish to hone.

The vision of a one-stop platform for all your hobbies and interests
This coming-of-age e-learning platform was founded in the year 2015 by entrepreneurs Tanuj Shah (CEO) and Anuj Shah (COO). The duo developed the vision of a platform where individuals from different backgrounds and cultures could get access to highly acclaimed and qualified teachers, who could impart to them the hobbies they wished to learn and imbibe.

Talking about the incident that led him to think about e-learning hobbies, Co-Founder and CEO Tanuj Shah says, œIt all started with me attempting to learn the acoustic guitar, as I was passionate about the musical instrument. I found a tutor and put a lot of effort into picking up the art - from travelling for over 2 hours back and forth for the classes to practising, I did it all but it didn't work. I also found that attending a class with a few others, didn't get me the guidance I needed as a beginner. My teacher was occupied with the others too and that got me his divided attention.

That is when I understood how the individual, 1-on-1 attention of a tutor works more efficiently and is the right way ahead to pick up anything, especially an artform or a hobby. Receiving that attention while passionately learning, at the comfort of one's home, was what we planned on and have achieved, successfully!


The passion for learning is the key behind ipassio
The term ˜ipassio' is keyed by the two founders - as the letter ˜i' in the brand name signifies the individuals coming into the platform to learn and discover their abilities whereas the latter bit of the name - ˜passio' - is the Latin term for ˜passion' - something that everyone associated with the platform is - from the ipassio team to the teachers and learners.

Speaking of how the pandemic changed their entire growth margin, Co-founder and COO Anuj Shah mentions, œThe new normal has been a boon in disguise. While millions of people worldwide decided to stay indoors as a precautionary measure, going back to their hobbies was what many chose to do in their spare time. The duration that usually would be spent outdoors was spent online, on our platform. We have achieved massive growth in the number of our teachers and students organically, on a global scale and I believe that this is just the beginning for us.


Re-ignite your extracurricular interests with a range of 300+ courses

ipassio's hashtag #Pickitupagain suggests on how you could go back out there and pick that hobby or activity that you left behind in the process of things.


Available in more than 100 countries worldwide, 350+ teachers across all genres

Variety is the spice of life and the essence of this one-of-a-kind, e-learning platform. ipassio is a platform that is all making its mark internationally, having both teachers and students who are signing up from different countries. Learn and train to be the best in their digital set of personalized, online live courses which are carefully distributed over durations that are suitable for both, long-term and short-term training.


Easy sign-ups and transactions, hassle-free learning experience with the best

ipassio believes in the value of quality and so it has the best of the best when it comes to teachers who are the best at their field and also at delivering from their ends as instructors. Join ipassio for a smooth journey to honing your inner talent with interactive course structures, easy class management, easy student enrolments, easy transaction handling, and individual attention from the experts you learn your skills from online live, 1-on-1 sessions.


E-learning is the future of education and hobbies in the new normal and ipassio is your solution to the extra-curricular activities that you have always wanted to pursue or have wanted your children to pick up. From music and dance to yoga and cooking, you name it and we already have the best of it.


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