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Gerard Peters: Trailblazing Investment Solutions for Cryptocurrency

Posted 23 Jun-2021 09:27 AM by Gerard | 658

Crypto investing got a reality check after the rout in May. Traders retreated, perhaps for good, after some of the well-known deja vu movements of a bubble, leaving only the brave and bold ones to dare to deal with and trade-in. 

In May , the crypto rout saw Etherrum (ETH-USD)  a fall 16% to $1,292, Dodgecoin (DOGE-USD) slide to about 13% to 29 cents, Binance Coin (BNB-USD) dropped down to 25% to $231.46 , Cardano (ADA-USD) slumped upto 21% to $1.16.

Gerard Peters' solution to market volatility

Gerard Peters, the founder-CEO of QuantifAI Technologies has formulated the perfect solution to market volatility. He offers traders a smarter way of crypto trading. Under Peters' direction, QuantifAI Technologies has developed winning strategies using a scientific and mathematical approach to trading. The combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a research-backed successful formula for the QuantifAI proved track record to navigate volatility and risk profile cryptocurrencies for institutional investors.

Gerard Peters elaborates: œWe have engineered top-tier algorithmic systems which provide consistent, reliable risk-adjusted monthly performances for our clients. 

Unlike other sectors, cryptocurrency is never limited to instruments, with a consistent stream of introduced liquidity to established and new altcoins. This presents perpetuity in opportunities for arbitrage. 

The system is designed to automate trade entries in both the spot and perpetual futures markets and identifies qualifying instruments which provide a funding rate arbitrage opportunity.

Risk Mitigation

All positions are maintained in the USDT base, removing the risk of cryptocurrency market volatility. QuantifAI's exclusive Cash and Carry Arbitrage system is fully hedged i.e. the strategy trades in a uniform base and maintains a fully locked hedge for underlying altcoin positions.

This is a market-neutral crypto investment strategy capable of generating returns independent of market directionality and volatility. 

Peters, a Microsoft-qualified engineer-cum-mathematician spearheaded a global team of highly qualified quants, traders, and technologists to develop this Cash and Carry Arbitrage system. 

Gerard's Solution For Several Projects 

Subsequent to his own projects, Gerard has helped many large developers and investors structure unconventional financing solutions for their projects, solutions where all parties benefit in the outcome. He is committed to ensuring all outcomes of his business dealings result in a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

This is done via a personalized joint venture structure. 

Gerard's focus and expertise 

The remuneration of his dealings has led Gerard to turn into investment management, with a strong focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns whilst reducing downside risk exposure. Gerard has structured many investment products and personally managed wealth in private banks for over 6 years.

His field of expertise is: 

  • Structured finance private brokering 

  • Asset-backed securitization transactions 

  • Derivatives / OTC opportunities

  • Alternative risk structuring 

  • Capital structuring

  • Portfolio construction and management 

  • Quantitative financial risk modeling

  • Financial engineering 

  • Credit, and Export Insurance

Gerard's QuantifAI serves profitable investments. 

With QuantifAI fintech expert management, crypto trading remains profitable at all times. 

Your portfolio will not be at the mercy of Elon Musk's flip-flopping tweets, whether his epiphany that bitcoin mining is not green enough, or that dogecoin is a ' hustle', and in the happy event Musk retreats to building cars and his Space-X mining Mars, the astute crypto investor will not get burnt.


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