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17 Nov, 2021
 Rapid.Space, an alternative cloud provider, has announced its partnership with Viettel, a Vietnamese telecom company, to deliver strategic auton...Read More

01 Nov, 2021
Instant Access to Remote Desktop with Any Web-browser: With Cloud technology, organizations are now able to centrally host resources such as applicati...Read More

01 Nov, 2021
 5 Powerful Protective Measures in One Simple Tool for RDS ServersRDS-Knight has been designed as a full security solution to be the sword and sh...Read More

01 Nov, 2021
 Server Genius is the new powerful tool used to monitor RDS Servers at all times and provide accurate reports about applications and data usage. ...Read More

29 May, 2020
Cloud services provider Retarus has responded to strong demand for their Retarus Enterprise Communication Platforms by stepping up its recruitment...Read More

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