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14 Apr, 2022
Paoli, PA, USA, April 14, 2022 -- Converse Auctions will greet the new season and warming temperatures with a huge Spring Spectacular Sale on Saturday...Read More

20 Apr, 2021
Paoli, PA, USA, April 20, 2021 -- Converse Auctions is inviting everyone to chill out, pull up a seat, and bid on something wild and wonderful in its ...Read More

19 Feb, 2021
Paoli, PA, USA, February 19, 2021 -- A beautiful hand-painted Chinese bottle vase, a painting of roses by the French ‘fleuriste’ Raoul M. De Longp...Read More

18 Dec, 2020
Paoli, PA, USA, December 18, 2020 -- Converse Auctions invites collectors to ring in the New Year a few days early by participating in an online-only ...Read More

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