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How Moon Portable Restrooms Has Stepped Up to Serve the City of Louisville, KY During the Covid-19 Crisis

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While local businesses across the city of Louisville and the state of Kentucky have been forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak, Moon Portable Restrooms has found themselves to be busier than ever. Moon Portable Restrooms, led by BJ Davis, is a local business that supplies handwash stations, hand sanitizer stations, portable restrooms, flushable restrooms, and luxury restroom trailers to customers looking to host an outdoor event. While the city deals with an outbreak of Covid-19, Davis and his dedicated crew are providing their products and services in order to ensure that safe, sanitary stations are set up throughout the city for use by the public as well as other businesses that have been deemed essential.

"We are very fortunate to be an essential company," Davis said when asked about the role his company and coworkers are playing in ensuring that the spread of the coronavirus slows throughout the city. However, Moon Portable Restrooms has been involved with the city in regards to supplying and setting up portable restrooms and handwashing stations long before coronavirus made its way to Louisville, KY. Due to Moon Portable Restrooms' dedicated involvement with the city in years past, Davis was one of the first people that Louisville's Emergency Management Agency called when it was apparent that the coronavirus was in Louisville and EMA needed all the resources they could gather to ensure that those less fortunate, and those who were still needed in their essential job roles, had the necessary resources to keep themselves clean as they went about their required duties.

The demand for Moon Portable Restrooms' services started when the Louisville Parks Department contacted Davis and requested 1500 portable toilets and 100 handwashing stations be placed across various parks throughout the city. The Parks Department initially requested these items as a preliminary planning step for schools being closed, but soon enough they were teaming up with Moon Portable Restrooms and the city of Louisville to divert these resources to areas that needed them more desperately. Some of those places included Louisville's GE Appliance Park, the Ford Assembly Plant, and Reynold's Wrap Center. The Amazon Hub in Louisville, KY was also given a handwashing trailer and multiple portable restrooms to allow the drivers dropping off and picking up delivery loads the options to wash their hands and use the restroom without entering the hub and risking cross-contamination.

While the effort to place the portable restrooms and handwashing stations at high-traffic locations throughout the city was underway, the crew at Moon Portable Restrooms ran into some obstacles including safely keeping the equipment sanitized. Namely, the amount of people wanting to use the facilities provided by Moon Portable Restrooms is overwhelming compared to the crew available to sanitize them. Once again, the city of Louisville stepped up to enforce what Governor Andy Beshear has been stating since the first days of the Covid-19 crisis in the Commonwealth: "we will get through this. We will get through this together." Mayor Greg Fischer answered the call to protect the crew of Moon Portable Restrooms by setting up a police escort to take the crew to the downtown areas of Louisville, KY where various handwashing and portable restroom stations are set up to allow them to properly sanitize and restock their products. The police escort travels with the Moon Portable Restroom crew at 8 o'clock every morning.

But that wasn't all that the Mayor and the city of Louisville set out to do. They also set their own, city-run, sanitation crews on a schedule to go behind the Moon Portable Restroom crew and sanitize the stations multiple times throughout the day. This combined effort allows the less fortunate and essential workers in the area access to clean, sanitized, and well-stocked facilities while they are risking their own health and safety to ensure that of others.

In addition to everything that Moon Portable Restrooms has done for the city of Louisville, they are also taking extra precautions within their business to ensure the safety of their drivers.
All office employees have been allowed to work from home since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moon Portable Restrooms is still able to give the excellent customer service they are known for while keeping their office staff safe at home.
Drivers are assigned a single truck to use for their daily sanitation trips throughout the city. The drivers keep the keys and their safety equipment in individual lockers to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
Moon Portable Restroom trucks are also completely cleaned on the outside and sanitized on the inside at the end of each day to kill any existing germs and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus continues to affect the city of Louisville, KY, Moon Portable Restrooms prepares to expand the business in order to continue offering services to the city. In a move to prepare for the influx of the demand of handwashing and hand sanitizing stations that Moon Portable Restrooms has been supplying to the city, Davis ordered the last 25 cases of hand sanitizer from his supplier. Now, he is planning on ordering the newly-approved CDC Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (ABHR) "with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol" to stock his stations in the future.

Davis is also looking to hire more drivers at Moon Portable Restrooms. His staff is working long shifts in order to keep up with his business' demand and anyone with a high school diploma or GED is encouraged to apply. At least one year of commercial driving experience is a plus, but not required and Moon Portable Restrooms is willing to train the right person who has a sincere interest in learning how to drive and haul the equipment at Moon Portable Restrooms. Some of the essential functions of a Driver and Hauler at Moon Portable Restrooms include:
Conducting daily pre- and post-shift inspections, including cleaning and sanitizing the trucks, and report any deficiencies to the shop immediately.
Operating a truck or truck and trailer combination to and from pre-selected areas based on route information that is updated daily. Routes are determined to drop-off and pick-up portable restrooms, hand washing stations, and holding tanks.
Maintaining telephone contact with the dispatch office to receive any additional instructions or changes and updates in the work locations.
Following all of the safety guidelines set by Moon Portable Restrooms, as well as established policies and regulations.

To learn more about the essential functions and qualifications of a Moon Portable Restrooms Driver and Hauler, visit the Moon Portable Restrooms website. Anyone interested in applying for a job as a Driver and Hauler to assist Moon Portable Restrooms during the increased demand of the company can apply online.

As Moon Portable Restrooms continues to answer the call of the community, they are serving as many people as possible with the resources they have. Most recently, Moon Portable Restrooms supplied local hospitals with ADA Restroom Trailers to set up at their coronavirus screening areas outside of the hospital entrances. This, like the portable restroom and hand washing station set up outside of the Amazon Hub, allows for workers to have comfortable access to restrooms and hand sanitizing stations without risking cross-contamination with the rest of the hospital. Davis, and his staff, are dedicated to the city of Louisville, Kentucky, and plan on doing whatever they are capable of during these times that test us. As a company, as members of the city, and as a Moon family, they remain in this together.

About Moon Portable Restrooms
Moon Portable Restrooms is a branch of the larger entity, Moon Companies, one of the largest full-service leasing companies in Kentucky. In addition to portable restrooms, handwashing and hand sanitizing stations, Moon Portable Restrooms also offers luxury restroom trailers, ADA compliant handicap accessible restroom trailers, shower stalls, and more. Moon Portable Restrooms prides itself on offering top-of-the-line, dependable customer service to each and every one of their customers, hiring employees that are dedicated to giving their best during every shift and supplying emergency services when customers are in need of their services in short turnaround time. Moon Portable Restrooms has built the business on allowing its customers to "ask for the moon, and get it!" For those in need of portable restroom rentals, luxury restroom and shower trailer rentals, and more can contact Moon Portable Restrooms by calling 502-776-2199 or filling out the contact form on Moon Portable Restroom's website.
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