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Ascend Ecom – Making Amazon and Walmart E-commerce Easier Than Ever

Posted 29 Mar-2022 01:26 AM by Sarah | 936

Amazon and Walmart are two of the largest online retailers in the world. While Social media advertising and SEO marketing can help create a consumer base for a brand, Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS provide unmatched storage and shipping services that allow businesses to cut costs, establish their brands, and reach sustainability more easily than it has even been possible.

However, building sustainable portfolios on Amazon and Walmart takes extensive knowledge about these platforms. The descriptions of products must be accurate, and the price must be market-competitive according to the quality to keep product ratings high. It also takes careful management and consistent quality assurance to keep return rates as low as possible to keep these platforms from shutting down the vendor's account.

This is where Ascend Ecom comes in. Ascend Ecom specializes in automated digital asset management and growth; the company does everything from launching and operating to scaling businesses on Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS for their clients. With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and more than 200 successful automated businesses, Ascend Ecom was able to create $30 million in client revenue in 2021.

In a recent post on the company's official Instagram page (@ascend_ecom), they described a 3-period process that they follow for their Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS businesses. The first step involves the initial launch of the business, which lasts one month. Ascend uses online arbitrage as the base strategy to build the business on top of. By month 3, the company establishes distributor relationships, while from the 6th month and after, Ascend focuses on sustainability and growth.

They regularly post useful information on E-commerce, Amazon, Walmart, and investing in general on the company's Instagram page. A post titled, œHow to Combat Inflation? goes, œCurrent inflation rate as of October 2021 is 6.2%. Instead of sitting on your liquid capital, invest in an appreciating digital asset. Another post reads, œIn 2021, Amazon averaged 3.86 billion monthly visits, and that number is only growing.

Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS are two of the most lucrative e-commerce media in the world, while the safety provided by these platforms makes e-commerce a more desirable investment than even the stocks”but the technical difficulties keep many from getting into e-commerce. Ascend aims to eradicate this barrier. In a recent interview, Ascend's CEO said, œYou only provide the capital for this investment, and we take it from there. We do the work for launching, operating, and scaling your e-com Business while you enjoy a hands-free passive income.


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Ascend Ecom 213-314-0919 partnerships@ascendecom.com https://www.ascendecom.com/

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