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Showcase: Lashi Glow Skincare and founder Queeneth Beddie-Membere

Posted 18 Oct-2021 03:52 PM by Kenoye | 555

7 years ago, Lashi Glow Skincare founder Queeneth Beddie-Membere, began creating a powerful brand and a range of interesting organic skincare products aimed at women and men of all colours and skin types. 


Queeneth, more popularly called Lashi is an award winning, trained and certified skincare entrepreneur in Nigeria. With stores popping up, a spa and recent establishment of a new standard production facility in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Lashi Glow is obviously glowing and standing out in the skincare space.

Over the years, Lashi has been dedicated to realising her vision of building a globally respected organic beauty company of Nigerian origin. She is the founder and CEO of LASHI Multinationals Ltd; the creator of LASHI Glow range with over 70 unique and expertly formulated organic skincare products loved and used by thousands globally; and a highly respected mentor and example for many organic skincare brands and small business owners. She is a genuine powerhouse and gamechanger in the organic skincare industry in Nigeria and an inspiration. 

Founded in 2014, with a flagship store and spa facility opened in 2017, the Lashi Glow brand is a trailblazer in the organic skincare industry in Nigeria, used by many globally and has a huge online following on instagram (@lashiglow). 

Their luxury yet affordable products are made from a variety of quality hypoallergenic plant extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals that give a gorgeous glowing look and promote skin health and appeal to just about anyone.

The reviews and testimonies from so many people in different corners of the globe affirms the brands desires to beautify and improve the health and wellness of their customers, and help raise their self confidence and self love, by creating and delivering quality "working" products and services for both women and men of all ethnicities.

One of the secrets to the Lashi Glow success story is the expertise of the business savvy University of Calabar graduate, who took up training and a second degree in a beauty course from a beauty care training institute in India. 

Lashi is quoted to have said "I always wanted to be independent and financially stable and so entrepreneurship was always the focus and since I was passionate about beauty and skincare, venturing into this sector came naturally even though I had to make plans and deliberately pursue it"

Over the years, the Lashi Glow brand has achieved a lot and received numerous awards.  Today, Lashi Glow has set its eyes beyond Nigeria and is aiming to make an impact across Africa and beyond.

Speaking about her early entrepreneurial challenges her advice to entrepreneurs is œChallenge yourself, take the risk. Build a team that shares the same vision. The structure is an important part of your business. Know your customers, learn from complaints and ask for feedback.

The Lashi Glow success story has been an inspiration to many young people. To date, over 300 students have been trained and many have gone on to start their own skincare businesses

The recently launched Glow Consultants program is poised to have 1000 partners representing and selling Lashi Glow products in major cities all over the world.

Lashi Glow has 30 plus employees and thousands of loyal customers globally.

This is a great story of a true African brand builder that is not only changing the narrative of an entire industry in her country, but is also giving people of all skin tones and types hope that they can look their best; spotless and glowing. Lashi Glow is an inspiration to all those Nigerian women entrepreneurs who have a vision for their own businesses and who also wish to make a positive impact on the lives of others in Nigeria and beyond.


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