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Shahnaz Husain Lectures on the importance of Face Cleansing

Posted 25 Jan-2021 06:53 PM by Shahnaz | 1012

New Delhi, 21st Jan 2021: Face cleansing is one of the most basic hygiene forms that humans have maintained since time immemorable. The urge to splash water on one's face in situations tensed, suffocating, or sweaty is often relaxing. Face cleansing is not just personal hygiene but has many more advantages. Shahnaz Husain says that face cleansing has positive effects and is an added advantage to one's skincare routine. In today's day and age where pollution and dirt are everywhere, it has become essential to indulge in skincare routines. With more and more women now stepping out and finding themselves in workplaces, prolonged exposure of skin to dirt and sunlight is inevitable. Face cleansers for women keep their skin hydrated and fresh. The face skin is much more sensitive as compared to other body parts like legs or hands. Hence requires extra effort and care.

With such hectic lives, skin routines are often tossed to corners and become the least of priority. Many people find it unnecessary and neglect their skin. They fail to understand that just eating nutritious food is not enough for the skin to be hydrated and healthy. Sometimes the skin needs a little grooming in the form of cleansing. Shahnaz Husain emphasizes the importance of Face cleansing and the wonders it can do on one's skin. Prolonged exposure to the outside world fills the pores on the face with dirt and dust resulting in blemishes. Face cleansers help remove dirtbags from the pores and help the skin breathe. Acne has become a growing skincare problem. Our skin produces sebum to coat and moisturize the skin. But when dirt and debris get accumulated in the pores and blocks sebum, it paves the way for bacteria to enter these pores and cause acne. A proper face cleansing routine prevents that. Another advantage of face cleansing is it maintains the pH of the skin. Human skin has a mildly acidic pH that ranges from 4.7 and 5.75. When this range is compromised, the skin dehydrates and can cause early onset of wrinkles. Face cleansers with the right pH help maintain adequate hydration necessary for fresh skin. Another important function of Face cleansers is that it helps the skin absorb skin products like moisturizers better.

Products like herbal cleansing milk, a combination of natural ingredients like aloe vera help remove deep-seated dirt, debris, or residual make-up from skin pores. It is important to note that just using any face cleanser is not enough. It is essential to understand not just the skin type of a person but routines as well. From dry skin to oily skin, different face cleansers suit different skin types. Often factors like long exposure to outside dust and extensive workout require cleansers that help remove clogged pores. Shahnaz Husain's vision is to promote the country's herbal heritage and include that in people's everyday skin routine. Healthy face cleansing routines are a part of that. It is not just about hygiene; it is about leading a healthier lifestyle. A fresh and hydrated face is a happy face.


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