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Dr Jawahar Surisetti creates a song of hope for a better world in future

Posted 20 Apr-2020 03:53 PM by Jawahar | 4291

Dr Jawahar Surisetti , eminent speaker and psychologist, writes a song from the eyes of a teenager , centennial or millennial about the times today and raising hope for a better tomorrow . Titled œ Hope - today and hence œ the lyrics express the angst of today and a vision for future filled with love , peace and happiness .

The poet creates scenes that are going around a teen just before the corona virus pandemic , the chaos during the outbreak and lockdown followed by a futuristic view of the world . There are two formats , one of which is the poetry itself and the other format is a musical version which has been arranged and composed by Jagrit Surisetti and sung by Nazia Bhasin and Akshay P .

Hope - today & hence 

(Today And tomorrow from the eyes of a teenager)

By Dr Jawahar Surisetti 

The TV blared , as I glared ,

Trump was through 

And the Shaheen Bagh view ,

Hot news from across the world . 

People everywhere ,

Parents stressed with exams ,

Youth clamouring for admissions ,

Election buzz settled down ,

Olympic , Wimbledon and IPL,

Set to take over the screens . 

Life is good with friends ,

Fun and togetherness forever .

One night a virus crept in , 

Infected mankind here and there .

I woke from the bed , 

To see a different world .

Scared and scarred ,

Shattered and battered .

Hundreds dead , millions in fear .

Losing lives , near and dear .

Streets deserted, cities locked ,

The world together shocked .

Forgot all fights of might,

Figuring out what's wrong and right .

Human mind enters new stage ,

Past glories and achievements ,

Have bloated the ego ,

New challenge ,left  no way to go .

Running for cover,

Public life over ,

Stay and home to stay safe ,

The only cure to save life .

Aggressor becomes meek,

As the virus makes life bleak.

Scientists continue to frown

As the World locks itself down.

In my lifetime of twenty

I have seen egos aplenty.

First time I see a creature

Which sets heart on fear .

First time I see the society

Out of politics of divide .

First time I see heads fall

To unknown from Know All.

First time I see families together 

Till now falling apart .

First time I see numbers 

That I still uncertainty and fear.

I wish to see post Corona ,

Mankind with humility ,

Religions sans fanaticism .

God and science together ,

Nature and innovations

Spur the progress of nations .

Men and women equal ,

Rich and poor sleep well .

Hunger not to exist ,

Good health to persist .

Happiness and prosperity,

Keep the planet in peace .


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