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Best Animation Company in India | 3D Animation & 2D Animation | Incredimate Studio

Posted 25 Jan-2022 09:43 AM by Incredimate | 597

Incredimate Studio offers a variety of 3d and 2d animation services. We have successfully worked on national and international projects with the highest rating that awestruck our customers and made them choose us again and again.

Our Services:-

1. 3D Animation - The Incredimate is an independent graphics and technology production and 3d animation company that provides the best in class animation services. This 3d animation studio provides 3d animation services like product animation videos, character animation, and many more unique services with the help of top-notch 3d animation software. It is one of the best 3d animation service providers in India with a wide range of products to offer and a team full of expertise members, with years of experience and plenty of talent.

2. 2D Animation - Incredimate provides a world-class introduction to 2D animation services inscribed with rich creativity and innovation along with intuitive outcomes. Our 2D animation services range from character creation, 3D to 2D animation videos, 2D game assets, whiteboard explainer videos, and a lot more that strive in creating and delivering the most eye-catching outcomes no matter what audience group you want to capture. Whether it’s a corporate animation requirement or an appealing advertisement for social media to gain the attention of the maximum possible audience using the latest industry tools and technologies, we excel in all of that. Our highly talented and experienced artists are the best at creating realistic figures to make your business stand out.

3. 3D Design - 3D designing is made by the use of several 3D modeling computer software. A character or object is created in a 3 dimensional way with the help of computer 3D modeling software. Incredimate uses CAD software to make designs in a three-dimensional area and provides 3D design and printing services. The 3D design jobs are simply made with either regular shapes like round, rectangle, and square or are made by complex polygon models that give depth and texture to the design. These two making processes are different by the time consumed and the level of hard work required and they also require different software for 3d design.

4. 2D Design - 2D designing is the process of making characters and objects that are used in 2D animations. They are simply flat or two-dimensional figures and images that are further used in video games, animation videos, etc. Here at Incredimate, 2D designs are made with two techniques that include computer-aided graphics and hand-drawn images. There are different software that help in drawing and designing 2d designs on the computer and visualize their creativity, and one such software is CAD. You can make your 2d design with CAD and render the project to visualize and see your concepts moving.


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Company Information

Company Name Contact Person Contact Number Email Id Website Address
Incredimate Studio Incredimate Studio (+91) 9888344324 info@incredimate.com https://www.incredimate.com/ Mohali - Punjab, India

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