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Unexplained Infertility Summit: There May Be Relief for Those Suffering With Unexplained Infertility

Posted 16 May-2020 04:19 PM by Smith | 1013

Now a mother of two, Anna Saucier struggled for seven years to conceive. A long-distance runner and successful professional, everything came more or less easy for Anna. Living in sunny California and married to her best friend, Wayne, life was good. That changed when infertility brought a crashing halt to their dreams and hopes for children. It felt like failure. "I have one very vivid memory of coming close to jumping in front of a subway train," she admitted. "Suffering through infertility sucks the life out of you

Anna eventually discovered Restorative Reproductive Medicine and credits the existence of her son (age 5) and daughter (age 2) to the therapies, insights, and care she received through NaProTECHNOLOGY, which aims to discover the root cause of infertility and restore working order to the reproductive system. 

Roughly 30% of couples who go to their fertility doctor for help conceiving are given a diagnosis of "Unexplained Infertility". This is a non-answer that doesn't address what is actually wrong. Many women and couples are simply led down the expensive route of IVF, which costs on average $10,000 per treatment and has a success rate of just 27.3%, according to WebMed.

The Unexplained Infertility Summit will air May 25-27 and feature speakers such as former IVF doctor Dr. Craig Turczynski, egg quality expert Dr. Elisa Yao, NaProTECHNOLOGY Medical Consultant Dr. Monique Ruberu, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Natalie Masson, and Dr. Phil Boyle, President of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

Women will learn about the importance of cycle charting”a foundational element and first-line approach to investigating the underlying problems associated with infertility. Healthcare experts will discuss common causes of infertility such as PCOS, stress, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance and high toxicity levels in the body. Participants will learn how a restorative approach can help restore fertility and the ability to conceive naturally.

When Anna was asked why she decided to launch the summit now, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, she responded, "I kept thinking about those women whose fertility treatments have been canceled during this global pandemic shutdown ... how devastating that must feel ... and how so many of those women don't even know that there are other options besides the IUI/IVF path. Options that are more effective, less expensive, much less invasive, and actually offer real answers."

The Unexplained Infertility Summit will be available worldwide to everyone with an Internet connection

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