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18 Things You Didn’t About Melbourne Architects

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There are lots of mythologies surrounding what architects do in conceptualising and even building architecture in Melbourne. There is always a challenge when it comes to conveying how diverse the design process is. This includes what architects do, how they do it, as well as the importance of architectural thinking to our communities.


Within the broader Australian context, an architect is regarded as a luxury service that responds to the demands of a client to express influence and wealth. Whether your primary objective is to have a better understanding of the person in charge of renovating your home or you are just curious about Melbourne architects, here are 18 things you didn't know about Melbourne architects.


1.               Architects Save You Money


At first, it might appear as if the services of an architect are an additional expense to your construction project but are a wise investment. This is because when a building is well-conceived, it can be built more economically and efficiently.



2.               Architects will plan your project with you


This means that changes will be done on paper which is much less expensive than doing them in the later stages when the project is already underway. Architects also give you thorough drawings that make it possible for the builder to accurately estimate and build the project.



3.               Melbourne Architects Help You Build Energy-Efficient Homes



Energy-efficient buildings end up saving you tons of cash on fuel bills later on. Architects design a building in a way that it can let in the maximum amount of light and heat from the sun. This will reduce your cooling, heating, and electricity bills down the road.


4.               Architects Work within Budget


Architects will look at your budget and work with it to ensure you get the right materials and level of workmanship at a price that's fair to you. They come up with specifications and drawings that help you get construction bids based on your exact requirements. 


5.               They can help you save on frequent replacement and maintenance costs


This is because they can help with choosing the most durable and beautiful materials and finishes. They are always ahead of any technological advancement in floor tiling, brick wall, roofing, and paint finishes among other things. Also, they are fully familiar with the full spectrum of materials which puts them in the best position to suggest to you the materials you require for your project.



6.               They make your house have a higher resale value


When a house is designed well, its resale value will be automatically higher. If it's a well-designed store, you can be sure it will attract more customers. The same goes for an excellently-designed work environment.



7.               An Architect Protects you from Fraudulent contractors



Unlicensed œbuilders are not uncommon in Australia and indeed everywhere else. These people and their ilk make money dishonestly by fleecing innocent people of their hard-earned cash. When an architect is the one in charge of designing and implementing your project, you will be sure a professional is looking out for your best interests. Designing and building a new home or renovating is not an easy task.



8.               They do more than simply design buildings


For centuries, architects have been known to design things outside the architecture realm. Mies van der Rohe, for instance, designed one of the most spectacular lounge chairs of the 20th century. Also, Frank Lloyd, the great American architect, is said to have designed just about every object in his home.


9.               Architects know what to do.



There are a lot of things that are involved in building a residence. These include designing, analyzing building setbacks, understanding cost implications, installing low-maintenance features, code requirements, and dealing with contractors not to mention other construction complexities and design requirements. These can be too much to most ordinary people who aren't experienced with construction matters.



But your architect does all this for a living. He understands just what needs to be done to ensure your project is built to completion. There are so many decisions that require being made and your architect will not only guide you in making a good solution but also help you make them.



10.        Solving your problems is their Main Job



As someone who is not an architect, you may see certain arrangements as impossible. But to an experienced architect, these are very understandable. The work of architects is to solve complex, technical, functional, and aesthetic problems. They may have solved countless cases similar to yours in the past. So long as you have hired a registered and licensed architect, you can trust that they will solve your problems for you.



11.        They take long before they get a break


It is never smooth sailing for architects as most of them are made to wait well into their 40s before getting their first crucial breaks. For example, a famous Brazilian architect by the name Oscar Niemeyer didn't start o build until he was in his 50s but went on designing and building homes until he was older than a centurion. Other architects who waited for long before designing their first homes are Frank Lloyd Wright and Phillip Johnson.



12.        They aren't all about math


What makes an architect successful is their approach to unusual site condition or history, and not how good they are in physics, math, or other similar fields. It's why students who are excellent in mathematics and show an interest in buildings are dissuaded to go for engineering instead. But there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some architects that were great mathematicians as well became their own engineers. Examples include Thomas Heatherwick and Santiago Calatrava.


13.        They use their homes to show their ability


It is as a rule of thumb for all architects to have truly amazing homes. For, if an architect cannot make their home look stunning, how would clients trust them with theirs? Architects preach what they practice. They use their homes as the best examples of their capability.


14.        They Balance between your Wish List and Cost Alignment 


Most people want more expensive items to build their homes but aren't ready to pay for it. But this is natural as human beings want only the best. Architects understand this and will usually sit you down and tell you what you won't achieve for the budget that you have in mind.



This is because manufacturers and contractors charge a lot for the items and features you may want for your house. You should listen to your architect as they explain to you this. Architects design what you want. In case those features you ask for are more important than the cost concerns you may have for your project, then an architect will include it in the design. But you will still be the one responsible for your home's construction costs.



15.        They Make You're a Lot Life Easier


Not only is constructing a home or a building a long process, but it can also be disruptive and messy. This is more so for those who live or work in the spaces under construction. When you hire an architect, they will be like your agent at the worksite. This means they will look out for your best interests and come up with ways of making the process to proceed like clockwork.



16.        Extremely good negotiation skills


They are taught from college that their work depends a lot on negotiation. It is something that runs in their veins. Because they often see what others can't they will rely on their arguing skills to convince clients of possible outcomes. It's their thing and they are pretty good at it.


17.        Architects are Conversant with multiple software programs


The younger crop of architects and even students are familiar with an extensive range of software programs focusing on diverse things like animation, and photo and sound manipulation among other things. 


Several programs needed for fabrication also require knowledge, and these include those for laser cutting, milling, and 3D printing. During training, students of architects get a œrenaissance education which can be attested to by the vast number of computer programs they are expected to muster.



18.        Architects love books


Irrespective of the subject, most architects are excited at the sight o a book. While in school, students of architects are required to constantly read on various subjects. This is why they are always purchasing the books as opposed to going to the library. A few examples of architects who have a great collection of books are Bernard Tschumi and Peter Eisenman who often showcase their libraries consisting of more than 6,000 books.



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