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Generate Publicity With These Six Types Of Press Releases

Cryptocurrency Press Release


Cryptocurrency is in trend these days. The top press release the distribution service provider has now started accepting the current digital economy by opting crypto currencies. Through a cryptocurrency press release distribution services the businesses can announce their decision of accepting selected crypto currencies, it could be – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, USD coin, Tether tokens etc. 


Cryptocurrency is the best alternative to accept payment. It is a new payment form prevailing in a progressive and global economy. Through press release for Cryptocurrency you can convince your prospective audience to understand and appreciate the convenience and optionality of crypto currency. Businesses can take the help of press release distribution services to showcase the advantage of a cryptocurrency over traditional online payment processors and credit cards. Best part of crypto currency is that it offers comparatively lower transaction fees and it gets instantaneously verified and dispersed without having a third party.


Sports Press Release


Get the latest sports news published by press release. From athlete & event organizer to a sports club, let everything be a talk of town through the best press release distribution service. Press release distribution services of Press Release Power inspire through its article with tips and tricks on how sports enthusiasts can go forward to participate in sports activities. Sports press releases are the ultimate guide to increase earned media opportunities. Press Release Power writes PR for sports with attention grabbing headlines and sub-headlines to ensure high attendance to make sporting news a successful campaign.


Awards Press Release 


An award press release should display the achievements of a company or an individual within a company. Reputed industry awards contribute to upgrading the company as an industry expert, thus the media coverage of winning these awards is a huge success. Issuance of an award press release showcases a business as a leader among stakeholders and the respective industry.


The press release should mention when and why the award was issued. It should also objectify what this award will mean for the company as it can help in achieving the company goals.

Sports Press Release


The medical press release includes up-to-date news on all elements of health, medicine, and well-being. This type contains publishing of new medical technology, studies, and publications. It also consists of details on health education programs and campaigns.


Medical press releases have stories about health insurance, the care industry, and awards accomplishments by top-ranking doctors, surgeons and other healthcare providers. 


Through published PR for Medical, the audience can learn about new advancements related to treatments & medications and other latest economy & legal news in the medical world.


Political Press Release


For any political campaign, big or small, the media coverage is an integral aspect. No matter what the role of the political process is, there is still a need for a cost-effective press release for reaching out to reporters. With some simple guidelines a highly effective political press release can be crafted that will stand out and get the attention of the media. The guidelines for include –

  • Report on events that are accurately newsworthy.
  • Give a striking headline
  • Mention accurate and reachable contact information 
  • Keep it to the point


Non-profit Press Release


Non-profit press releases consist of factual news coverage written in the 3rd person to encourage editors/journalists/reporters to feature the nonprofit release in their publications.


Non-profit press releases vary from other types of the press release; however, the standard format remains the same. Non-profit press release must include elements, that is, it should have an immediate release with the headline and organizational info, and other important details.


Press release for non-profit can be a great domain to grow and share information with their audience. They are not only useful for publicizing and advertising events but it also lets the nonprofit spread the word about its good work. Press releases can help start up nonprofits to take off. 


 Benefits of Press Release –

  • A press release for an event can prove to be an effective marketing and public relations tool.
  • Through the press release service, you can direct your story as per your wish.
  • Press release distribution services enhance your SEO.
  • Press release distribution keeps you in power.
  • Press Release showcases your expertise.
  • Press releases boost your social media presence.
  • Press release dynamically contributes to Reputation Management.