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Do Chief Marketing Officers use Press Release?


Earlier, a press release was used to make big announcements hoping that it would make the phone ring and give media opportunities. Sure the companies would get some pickups but it did not contribute to building brand awareness or lead generation.


The trend was such back then that companies thought that press releases can only be used for making big announcements. But it was not the right approach to it. At Press Release Power, we use Press Release Distribution Services as an integral part of marketing. It is a marketing vehicle that helps our clients deliver their messages to their target audience. It doesn’t matter what kind of piece it is like a thought leader one or it’s about a recent award or anything else. The important aspect is directly delivering your message to your target audience and relevant media firms.


Reach Target Audience using effective Newswire Distribution strategies

In fact, companies that are associated with Press Power Release has earned hundreds of mention in reputed media publications like Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. Our PR firm USA helps companies create newsworthy stories that grab the public attention. We launch targeted Newswire Press Releases campaigns, provide clients with reports about the overall performance of the campaigns and periodically refine messaging and strategies to help our clients achieve their business goals.


Our team at Press Release Power consists of professionals with many years of experience under their belt. They are well versed in the strategies for different press release stories. The strategies and the campaigns are made based on the business goals of our clients. The main focus of our team is in understanding the needs of the clients and going forward based on that. With our help, many businesses have successfully improved their brand image and gained leads and true value.


Best PR Agency for News Distribution and Brand Building

We do thorough research to help clients expand on topics that consumers are interested in. It gives them a chance to generate Business Wire paid media opportunities and content that can be posted on their website, email campaigns, and social media. With quality content that is optimized to reach the target audience, a business gets a lot of good exposure.


At Press Release Power, we combine our SaaS technology and the expertise of our team to help CMOs earn the result that they need to get the desired result for success. Increased website traffic, better search engine rankings, improved lead generation, are the perks of our service. So companies that partner with Public Relations Firm USA for their press releases, enjoy the perks and succeed in the business.


If you are CMO who has invested time in this article, we want to work with you to open the gates to the real value and create proper press release strategies. We not only make your company look good but also help your PR Wire press release get picked up by big-name media publications like Time, Entrepreneur, and more. It helps drive growth for your company and improves your brand image. Get in touch with us for free media and marketing assessments and also enjoy 10% off for your next PR.