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People who study Italian ought to recall that each language is closely associated with its culture and also a means to be constantly updated on the civilization of a nation is discovering information, particularly through papers. That is why we're likely to record the 10 most common Italian papers from the least to the many famous and sold.

The number of everyday print papers in Italy was 107 in 1950, whereas it had been 78 in 1965. It has declined because and 66 are recorded in this article: 16 nationwide papers, 47 regional neighborhood papers (some of which have a bigger circulation than most federal ones), and 3 sports papers.

List Of Top Daily Italian Newspaper

10) Il Fatto Quotidiano

Compared to other newspapers, this one was founded only in 2009! Its founder, Antonio Padellaro, wanted: a newspaper which had a property and not a master; a newspaper that didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission and that followed the Constitution of the Republic as a political line, showing he didn’t want to take sides neither with left-wing nor right-wing.

9) Avvenire

It was founded in 1968 in Milan and Papa Paolo VI himself requested it; it’s the only Italian newspaper of Catholic inspiration that’s on sale throughout Italy; Catholic people work on it, but with the purpose to appeal to even readers who are nonbelievers. In addition, it offers a remarkable website with a vocal reading of the articles to help those who have eyesight problems.

8) Il Resto del Carlino

It’s a newspaper that came into being in 1885 in Bologna thanks to 4 young Bolognese journalists. Its name comes from the fact that a copy of the newspaper was given as change to those who were used to buy a cigar valued at 8 cents, by paying it with a “Carlino”, a coin which was worth 10 cents. However, since the newspapers were demanded by non-smokers too, it was put on sale in newsstands.

7) Il Giornale

This newspaper was founded in 1974 in Milan by Indro Montanelli, a famous Italian journalist and writer, who gave the newspaper a political line that was independent of political parties. Since 1979 it has been owned by the Berlusconi family and after Silvio Berlusconi’s entry into politics and the exit of the founder, “il Giornale” was based on the ideology of the center-right political tendency.

6) Il Messaggero

This newspaper was founded in Rome in 1878 and did cost only 5 cents because there were only 4 pages. It was based on news taken from other newspapers, it didn’t follow any political lines and it staked everything mainly on the news involving the Capital; an activity that’s performed even today. This is the ideal reading if you want to learn everything about the Italian Capital!

5) La Stampa

This newspaper was founded in 1867 in Turin and did cost only 5 cents and its slogan was: “Frangar non-reflector” (Mi spezzerò non-mi piegherò) (I will break, I won’t bow). Before World War II, the wealthy family Agnelli acquired the property of “la Stampa”, but they distanced themselves from it as a result of various vicissitudes. However, they’ve recently bought it back.

4) La Gazzetta dello Sport

It’s a Newspaper devoted to sport, which was printed at the end of the nineteenth century, on a particular green paper in order to distinguish it from other newspapers. In those days, sports were a hobby for recreation, therefore the newspaper was released twice a week. Over years la Gazzetta has become the first national newspaper that deals with every sport. In 1899 the newspaper started being printed on pink paper, a color that quickly became its distinguishing mark, even today.

3) Il Sole 24 Ore

This newspaper was founded with the name “Il Sole” in 1865, as an expression of the business community in Milan, and for 20 years it has been accompanied by the slogan: “per tutti Splenda” (shines for everyone), as a tribute to freedom and equality. In 1965, “Il Sole” was fused with the competitor “24 ore”, founded a few years earlier, which dealt with economy and finance in a modern way. During the 90s the newspaper was sided by the website ilsole24ore.com, the News Agency “Radiator” and the broadcaster “Radio 24”. After the attack of September 11 at the Twin Towers and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a financial weekly magazine with the name of Plus24 was created with the purpose of helping savers.

2) La Repubblica

This newspaper was founded in 1976, in Rome, by Eugenio Scalfari, a famous Italian journalist, writer, and congressman. Its name comes from the will of the founder to create a national newspaper, of the Italian Republic. In the beginning, there was the intention of imposing it as “secondo Giornale”: a kind of newspaper for those readers who had already read the news of the day elsewhere. It introduced several innovations like the introduction of the metric for the short headlines, to make them singable and playable, more appealing, also thanks to the presence of puns and the placing of the comic strip on the front page.

And in the first place… the most sold and read newspaper in Italy is:

1) Corriere Della Sera

It’s a traditionally moderate and conservative newspaper, founded in Milan in 1876, and its slogan is: “La libertà delle idee” (Freedom of Ideas). Its name comes from its first release that occurred in the afternoon time and because the “Corriere” represented the top of modern communication means. Its releases occurred in the first Sunday of Lent, a day when other newspapers didn’t come out… so there wasn’t competition, but in order to avoid clashes, they opted to donate all the sales proceeds to charity. The“Corriere della Sera” is a true piece of history of Italy.

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