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The Ultimate Guide to Influencers by State

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media and digital marketing, influencers have emerged as powerful figures who can shape public opinion, drive brand awareness, and influence consumer behavior. These social media stars have the ability to connect with their followers on a personal level, making them effective marketing partners for brands looking to reach a specific audience. As of September 2023, the world of influencers continues to thrive, with influencers hailing from every corner of the United States.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey through the diverse world of influencers, state by state. From the bustling metropolises of New York and California to the quieter corners of North Dakota and Wyoming, we'll explore the influencers who are making waves in each state. This guide will help brands, marketers, and anyone interested in the world of influencer marketing discover key players and trends in their target regions.


The Heart of Dixie may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of influencers, but Alabama is home to several notable social media figures. Fashion and lifestyle influencers are prominent, with individuals like @SouthernCharmBelle showcasing the Southern way of life with style.


In the Last Frontier, influencers often highlight the state's breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures. Accounts like @AlaskaAdventureSeekers showcase the rugged beauty of the state, while @AlaskanEats celebrates local cuisine and foodie culture.


Arizona boasts a mix of influencers, from fitness enthusiasts like @FitInPhoenix to travel bloggers like @ArizonaWanderlust. The state's stunning desert landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for many influencers' content.


While Arkansas may not have the same influencer scene as larger states, local influencers like @TheNaturalStateNomad share the state's hidden gems and natural beauty, attracting both locals and curious travelers.


The Golden State is a powerhouse in the world of influencers. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, California is home to countless influencers spanning various niches, including fashion, beauty, entertainment, and technology. Household names like @KylieJenner and @MrBeast have their roots in California, making it a hub for influencer culture.


Colorado's influencers often showcase the state's outdoor lifestyle, with accounts like @ColoradoHikingGuides sharing scenic trails and adventure tips. Denver, the state's capital, is also a hotspot for lifestyle and food influencers.


In this New England state, influencers like @CTFoodie share their culinary adventures, while others like @ExploreCT showcase the state's historical and natural attractions.



Delaware's small size doesn't deter local influencers like @DelawareDreaming from highlighting the state's charm, history, and hidden gems.


The Sunshine State is a magnet for influencers, with its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and thriving entertainment scene. Miami and Orlando are especially popular influencer hubs. Influencers like @MiamiVibes and @DisneyDreams showcase the best of Florida.


Georgia's influencers reflect the state's diverse culture and entertainment scene. Atlanta, in particular, is a hotspot for influencers in music, fashion, and lifestyle. Notable influencers include @AtlantaFoodie and @GeorgiaMusicScene.


In the Aloha State, influencers like @HawaiiAdventures capture the magic of the islands' natural beauty, while others like @HawaiiFoodieGuide celebrate the unique culinary scene.


Idaho's influencers often focus on outdoor activities and nature. Accounts like @IdahoOutdoors and @BoiseEats offer glimpses into the state's outdoor adventures and culinary experiences.


Chicago, the Windy City, is a major influencer hub in Illinois. Influencers like @ChooseChicago promote the city's attractions, while others like @ChicagoFoodAuthority explore its culinary offerings.


Influencers in Indiana spotlight the state's local businesses and cultural events. Accounts like @VisitIndiana and @IndyFoodieFinds showcase the best of the Hoosier State.


Iowa influencers often embrace the state's rural charm and agricultural heritage. Accounts like @ThisIsIowa and @IowaEats celebrate local life and cuisine.


Kansas influencers like @KansasCityLife and @KansasAdventures highlight the state's cultural events, food scene, and natural beauty.


Known for its horse racing and bourbon, Kentucky influencers like @KentuckyLife and @BourbonTrailAdventures showcase the state's rich traditions and natural beauty.


Influencers in the Pelican State often celebrate its vibrant culture, cuisine, and music. New Orleans, with its lively atmosphere, is a favorite backdrop for many influencers.


Maine influencers focus on the state's stunning coastline and outdoor activities. Accounts like @MaineOutdoors and @VisitMaine share the beauty of the Pine Tree State.


Influencers in Maryland often highlight the state's historical landmarks and vibrant cities. Accounts like @VisitMaryland and @CharmCityFoodAdventures explore the best of the state.


In the Bay State, influencers celebrate its rich history, education, and cultural institutions. Boston, as the capital, is a center for influencer activity.


Michigan influencers embrace the state's natural beauty, from the Great Lakes to its charming towns. Accounts like @PureMichigan and @DetroitFoodieAdventures showcase the best of the state.


Minnesota's influencers capture its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. Accounts like @ExploreMinnesota and @MinneapolisFoodie share the state's charm.


Influencers in Mississippi often spotlight the state's unique culture, food, and history. Accounts like @MississippiAdventures and @SouthernEats explore the best of the Magnolia State.


Influencers in Missouri, particularly in St. Louis and Kansas City, showcase the state's cultural events, food scene, and outdoor adventures.


Montana influencers embrace the state's rugged beauty and outdoor lifestyle. Accounts like @MontanaMoments and @BigSkyEats celebrate the Big Sky Country.


Nebraska influencers often focus on local life, events, and the state's agricultural heritage. Accounts like @ExploreNebraska and @OmahaEats highlight the best of the Cornhusker State.


Nevada's influencers often center around Las Vegas and its entertainment scene. Accounts like @VegasNights and @VegasFoodieAdventures showcase the excitement of the Silver State.

New Hampshire

Influencers in New Hampshire celebrate the state's outdoor activities and charming towns. Accounts like @VisitNH and @NewHampshireEats showcase the best of the Granite State.

New Jersey

New Jersey influencers often spotlight the state's proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, as well as its diverse culture and culinary scene.

New Mexico

Influencers in New Mexico capture the state's unique blend of cultures, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Accounts like @NewMexicoTrue and @SantaFeEats showcase the Land of Enchantment.

New York

New York, particularly New York City, is a global influencer hub. The city that never sleeps is home to countless influencers in fashion, entertainment, and more. Iconic influencers like @GigiHadid and @CaseyNeistat have millions of followers.

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