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The Essential Guide to Russian Newspapers in English

Russia is a vast and complex country, known for its rich history, diverse culture, and significant geopolitical influence. For those looking to gain insights into Russia's politics, society, and current affairs, newspapers provide a valuable source of information. While many Russian newspapers are published in the native language, there are also English-language newspapers that cater to an international audience. In this guide, we will explore the essential English-language newspapers covering Russia, offering readers a window into this intriguing nation.

The Moscow Times

Founded in 1992, The Moscow Times is perhaps the most well-known English-language newspaper covering Russia. It provides comprehensive coverage of Russian politics, business, culture, and society. The newspaper has a strong online presence and offers daily news updates, feature articles, and opinion pieces. The Moscow Times is an independent publication and is known for its objective reporting and critical analysis of Russian affairs.

Key Features:

Daily news updates

In-depth feature articles

Editorial independence

Russia Beyond

Russia Beyond is an online publication that offers a wide range of content related to Russia, including news, culture, travel, and lifestyle. While not exclusively a news outlet, it provides valuable insights into various aspects of Russian life and current events. The website is operated by the Russian government's international media group, RT (formerly Russia Today), which provides a unique perspective on Russia's viewpoint on global affairs.


Key Features:

Coverage of culture, travel, and lifestyle

A diverse range of articles

Insights into Russian perspectives on international events

RBTH (Russia Beyond The Headlines)

RBTH is a supplement that appears in several international newspapers, including The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph. It provides readers with in-depth analysis and features on Russia's politics, culture, and society. RBTH is produced by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Russian government's official newspaper.

Key Features:

Appeared in international newspapers

In-depth analysis and features

Official government perspective


While not a newspaper in the traditional sense, the Russian News Agency TASS (Telegrafnoe agentstvo Sovetskogo Soyuza) is a state-owned news agency that provides news articles, photos, and videos in English. TASS covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, sports, and culture. It serves as an important source of news and information about Russia.

Key Features:

State-owned news agency

Comprehensive coverage of various topics

Access to breaking news

Pravda Report

Pravda Report, also known simply as Pravda, is an English-language news website that provides coverage of Russian and international news. While not directly affiliated with the historic Pravda newspaper, it shares its name and covers a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, economics, and science. Pravda Report offers articles and opinion pieces from both Russian and international perspectives.

Key Features:

Wide coverage of topics

Articles from diverse perspectives

A historical connection to the Pravda newspaper

Russia Insider

Russia Insider is an online publication that focuses on providing alternative perspectives on Russia and its role in global affairs. It often features articles, op-eds, and interviews that challenge mainstream narratives about Russia. While it's known for its alternative viewpoint, readers should be aware that Russia Insider's editorial stance can be controversial.

Key Features:

Alternative viewpoints on Russia

Critical of mainstream narratives

A wide range of opinion pieces

The St. Petersburg Times (No Longer in Publication)

The St. Petersburg Times was an English-language newspaper that covered news and events in St. Petersburg and the wider Russian region. Unfortunately, the newspaper ceased publication in 2014. While it is no longer in circulation, its historical significance should be noted, as it once served as a valuable source of local and regional news for the English-speaking community in St. Petersburg.

Historical Significance:

An important source of regional news

No longer in publication

Choosing the Right Source

When selecting an English-language newspaper to gain insights into Russia, it's essential to consider your specific interests and needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Objective Reporting: If you prioritize unbiased and objective reporting, The Moscow Times is a reliable choice, known for its independent editorial stance.

Diverse Content: Russia Beyond offers a wide range of content beyond news, making it suitable for those interested in culture, travel, and lifestyle.

Government Perspective: RBTH provides insights into Russia's official government perspective on various issues.

Global Perspective: TASS is a reliable source for international readers seeking news about Russia.

Alternative Views: If you're interested in alternative viewpoints on Russia, Russia Insider may provide the perspectives you're looking for.

Historical Interest: Pravda Report has historical significance due to its association with the historic Pravda newspaper.

Regional Focus: While no longer in publication, The St. Petersburg Times was once a valuable source of regional news for St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas.

Access to reliable English-language newspapers is invaluable for gaining insights into Russia's political, cultural, and social landscape. Whether you're interested in objective reporting, alternative viewpoints, or in-depth cultural coverage, there are English-language newspapers and publications that cater to a wide range of interests and perspectives. By choosing the right source that aligns with your interests, you can stay informed and gain a deeper understanding of this complex and influential nation.

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