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The cost of flight tickets have become increasingly expensive over the years and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. This can cause hindrance to many travel plans because most of the population is travelling on a budget and require cheap flight tickets to fit their plans into their budget. There is data to prove that flight tickets make up more than 60% of overall travel costs “ which includes accommodation, food and other variables! This means that finding cheap flight tickets could help drive down overall costs of the trip or help leave more money to indulge in activities.

When and where do you want a cheap flight ticket to?

The booking process has evolved over the years and the most convenient way to book tickets is online. But is it efficient? Is there a chance to find cheaper tickets if you physically go to your travel agent? Well, the simple answer is, it depends on the time and destination. If the destination you want to go to is popular then the chances of you finding cheap flight tickets are low.

Go online to find cheap flight tickets:

By searching online, you could save a lot of time by looking at prices from different websites all by sitting in one place. This means, by the time you check with most of the travel agents in your area, you might miss out on the opportunity to book online with a cheaper price than with your agent! Time is of essence for anybody looking for cheap flight tickets and nobody knows this better than one who has found cheap flight tickets online by checking with various online agents.

Check at various sources:

Never limit your searches to one place. Leave no stone unturned. If you want to find a cheap ticket, you have got to search thoroughly because finding a cheap flight ticket is much like finding a hidden treasure. Checking at various sources gives you a fair idea of market rates and just in case you decide to go to an offline travel agent, you know what price to look for.

Befriend Budget airlines:

There are numerous money traps in the travel industry. One of the most overlooked ones is the costs for the œfree meals and œcomplimentary drinks offered by airlines on your overpriced ticket. The œfree food and drinks offered by the airlines are already paid for by you! Budget airlines can offer cheap flight tickets because they do not offer the food and the same services that the other flights provide.

Connecting flights:

Here is a lesser-known trick that has a high chance of finding you a cheap ticket. Travelers have found this nifty trick to get cheap flight tickets long ago and not many know of it. 


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