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Peer-reviewed Clinical Research Published On Nutritional Supplement ATP 360® Finds "Highly Significant" Reduction In Long-term Fatigue.

Posted 03 May-2021 07:13 PM by Diane | 1038

Researched Nutritionals®, a practitioner-exclusive dietary nutritional supplements company, announces the publication of peer-reviewed, clinical research on ATP 360®. The peer-reviewed research study illustrates the efficacy of this formulation in people experiencing long-term fatigue affecting their daily living. Key findings include[1]*:

ATP 360 Supplement Facts
ATP 360 Supplement Facts
ATP 360
ATP 360
"Reduction in long-term fatigue was rapid and highly significant"
"Participants had more energy [...] and became more active"
"Wellness scores improved, with highest effects on mental functioning, improved sleep, increased emotional wellness, and increased energy/vitality."
"Diastolic blood pressure was reduced."
"Serum levels of TNF-± were reduced."
The clinical research conducted on ATP 360® is available on PubMed (PMID: 33882028), originally published in Alternative Therapies (Alternative Therapies May/Jun 2021 Vol. 27 No. 3).

Researched Nutritionals® is committed to backing its formulations with peer-reviewed research. "The process of beginning with researched ingredients and then conducting clinical studies is at the heart of our mission," says CEO and founder Dennis Schoen. "These scientific studies strengthen the trust of our doctors and their patients because they can quantifiably see the science behind the benefits they're experiencing."

ATP 360® is a formulation developed by Dr. Debby Hamilton, MD, MPH. Dr. Hamilton, Director of Physician Education & Clinical Trials at Researched Nutritionals®, leads research and development of product formulations and coordinates the company's clinical trials and publication efforts. "When we develop a product, we start with a clear health objective that we want to address," says Dr. Hamilton. "We then select thoroughly-researched ingredients with specific mechanisms of action to create a targeted formulation. The process of publishing peer-reviewed clinical research allows us to show the efficacy of our products."

ATP 360® is the latest Researched Nutritionals® formulation to undergo the robust process of scientific evaluation. Other products featuring peer-reviewed, published clinical research include CytoQuel® for cytokine support and Tri-Fortify® Liposomal Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that demonstrated significant intracellular absorption.*

About Researched Nutritionals®
Researched Nutritionals® was founded in 2006 by CEO Dennis Schoen with a mission to develop research-based formulations supported by ongoing clinical trials to demonstrate product efficacy. Researched Nutritionals® products focus on mitochondrial function, immune support, detoxification, and cytokine health. The company is dedicated to working directly with healthcare practitioners for their most challenging patient needs. Researched Nutritionals® is a leader within the practitioner-exclusive dietary supplement market, serving thousands of healthcare providers and their patients worldwide. The company combines a strong domestic and international sales team with a customer-centric corporate staff, providing an unparalleled customer experience.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Researched Nutritionals® and the Researched Nutritionals logo are registered trademarks of Researched Nutritionals, LLC. All rights reserved.

Researched Nutritionals®

[1]Hamilton, D., Jensen, G., Nutraceutical support of mitochondrial function associated with reduction of long-term fatigue and inflammation. Altern Ther Health Med. Alternative Therapies May/Jun 2021 Vol. 27 No. 3

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