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Investing in Cyprus Real Estate comes with its benefits, here are 5 reasons you should invest in Cyprus

Posted 28 Jul-2020 07:12 AM by Rolandis | 724

Considering investing in the real estate sector of Cyprus? Here's a list of benefits to convince you that's a great idea!

International real estate investors/relocation seekers are on the high, as a result, more and more governments are putting together citizenship by investment programs that are catered for high net worth individuals around the globe seeking for second citizenship via an investment. Many nations are now offering incentives to attract foreign investors, ranging from tax breaks and specialized financing programs to outright offers of residency and citizenship. The Cypriot government is no exception. Cyprus has been known as an investor-friendly nation for a long time, and as global competition for economic resources has grown tighter, the island nation has extended a range of opportunities and incentives to real estate investors who decide to relocate to its shores. Here are a few great reasons to consider investing in Cyprus Real Estate and enjoy the benefits from the Cyprus investment program the government has put together.

  1. Cyprus Citizenship via investment program itself

Under the Cypriot government's current citizenship by investment program, it's now possible to gain citizenship when you invest at least 2 million euros in real estate plus 150k in government donations. The 2m is broken down as 1,5m in investment the remaining in a residential home, the investment (1.5m) can be sold after 5 years without losing your citizenship.

What makes Cyprus Investment Program so popular? Here are a few highlights of the program:

-Enjoy visa-free travel to 173 countries.

-The application will be examined within 180 days.

-Unlike in other countries, the benefits of the program are inherited. The whole family can obtain the benefits that the program has to offer.

-Only two requirements needed: investment amount and clear criminal record.

-Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe.

-The perfect location to raise up family! Safest country in the world with a population under 5 million

-Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus acts as a bridge between the EU, the Middle East, and North Africa.

-Business Benefits. Low taxation (12,5%). Low Cost of financial operation. Low Cost of living.

More on the program can be found here


  1. The Banking & Professional Services

Banking on the island is efficient and discrete, which is why investors have a long history of bringing funds to the country when they need to diversify their holdings. Even before the European Union was formalized, the Cypriot government was an important part of Eurozone trade and development. Combined with the country's relative lack of bureaucratic hurdles for businesses, the result has been an ideal environment for banking when you need money to be readily available in European markets. If you're using it as a base for your banking across the EU, it makes sense to invest directly in businesses in the country as well.


  1. Connect to European Investment Opportunities

Along with Cypriot citizenship and the EU residency privileges that come with it, you can connect to investment opportunities within the EU as a citizen of a member state. That makes it easier for you to operate throughout the member countries on the continent. It also gives you the opportunity to obtain an EU member passport and to easily travel throughout the geographic region like a local, bypassing many of the tiresome bureaucratic procedures that some foreign visitors encounter as they move from country to country within its borders. That makes it easier to check on your other businesses, meet with investors and potential clients, and pursue contracts.

Prime Location for Global Investments

On top of its position within the EU and EurozoneCyprus is an island located between mainland EuropeAfrica, and Asia, making it an ideal home base for investors with concerns on all three continents. Not only are you positioned for travel when necessary, but you're also conveniently near those locations when communicating remotely, making it easier to account for time differences and different hours of business from nation to nation.


  1. Business Friendly Government

The Cypriot government is not only encouraging investment with incentives and reduced bureaucracy. The current administration is very interested in infrastructure development and improvement, so if you are looking to make a new home someplace where there is truly an open-minded attitude toward solving local problems in the marketplace, you are going to find Cyprus a welcoming new home. Currently, the naturalization program requires you to maintain investment in-country for at least five years, your citizenship is kept for life.

If you would like to learn more about Cyprus Investment Programs, see qualified properties for this program, feel free to contact Domenica Group in Cyprus or request a call back for a free no-obligation consultation from a representative of our company.

We can arrange all the visas needed in order to visit our properties in Cyprus and provide accommodation in one of our Group's Hotels.

Contact us today for a free no obligation call back to discuss your first step to Cyprus

Rolandis Michele

Marketing Manager






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