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SharpBunnies Official Website is Now Live, Read Everything About SharpBunnies

Posted 20 Jan-2022 01:01 PM by puran | 348

The website of SharpBunnies (NFT) is now live with up-to-date information about the project and other useful details about the project, NFTs, their features and various benefits.

Those who are planning to participate in Sharp Bunnies NFT minting are advised to read the details on the website, as we have included many crucial updates as well as a roadmap to the current and upcoming stages in the project.


What can you find on the SharpBunnies Website?

 Here’s a brief summary of everything you can find on the SharpBunnies website.


Exclusive community of 9999 Sharp Bunnies

Raffle: 40 winners for every 100 tokens minted || Play to Earn ($LUCK)

Everyone is a Winner!

Join now and make a real difference.

What are Sharp Bunnies?

Sharp Bunnies is a collection of 9999 programmatically generated unique images with over 200+ attributes. For every Sharp Bunny you mint, King Osgood will give the Lucky Egg ($LUCK)! Check out some of the artwork on the website.

Sharp Bunnies Gallery

 On the website, you can check out the artwork, including the first few images of the Sharp Bunnies NFTs.

Your journey starts with minting

  1. Mint Sharp Bunnies to win Luck Eggs

 For every Sharp Bunny you mint, you get a Lucky Egg. This way, everyone is a winner!

The more bunnies you mint, the more lucky eggs you’ll receive. Keep minting to win and accumulate more tokens.

  1. Play 2 Earn

 Participate in exciting games to play and earn great rewards, including free $LUCK tokens. New games will be released every four months and events like the Olympics will be held to give NFT buyers more opportunities to win more $LUCK.

  1. Raffle

 Raffle is our most exciting feature and the one that would reward you seamlessly. For every 100 tokens minted on the Sharp Bunnies website, 40 token holders will be randomly selected and rewarded. You can win anything from a few ETH to USD or free tokens. Everyone has an equal chance to win rewards, as 40 winners will be selected randomly for every 100 NFTs minted. The more you mint, the higher chances you have to win Raffle.

Meet the Team

 Also, on the Sharp Bunnies website, you can meet our wonderful team - the crazy ones who dared to dream. These are the people who are working day and night to make Sharp Bunnies a reality.


For those who are wondering about our next step and plans, we have added a detailed roadmap on our website. We are currently in Phase 1. Token minting is in progress. For every 1000 tokens minted, 400 winners are declared and rewarded. Once all 9999 tokens are minted, 100 ETH will be added to the community wallet for 4000 winners.

The first Play2Earn game will be launched in Phase 2.

Lastly, you can read the FAQ section for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Sharp Bunnies, NFT, Raffle, Play 2 Earn, $LUCK, and more.

Have questions or need more info? Connect with our amazing community on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.


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Company Information

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Sharpbunnies puran mal 9999999999 sharpbunnies@gmail.com https://www.sharpbunnies.com/ aaa - raj, India

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