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Guru Printers Provides Exceptional Service in Sheet Labelling

Posted 29 Nov-2021 09:50 PM by Guru | 46

Los Angeles: November 29, 2021 – When it comes to branding your business in the right way, Guru Printers have developed a series of eye-catching solutions to enable companies to stand out from competitors.


With over a decade of printing experience, the Los Angeles-based company has created a robust line of printing services to meet the needs of businesses, both large and small, as well as for individuals. 


As part of the extensive portfolio, Guru Printers has a range of sticker or label printing options for everyday use and help spread brand awareness of your business, products, and services.


Stickers on a sheet or label printing are cost-effective options to consider. They offer a range of paper options, including vinyl renowned for its strong adhesiveness and durability.


Their quality label and sticker printing are also perfect for small businesses and startups. Additionally, it offers add-on services as well, such as foil stamping and raised Spot UV coating.


Guru Printers offers stickers or labels on a sheet in rectangular format, square format and kiss-cut (cut to a shape). Kiss cut stickers or labels are lightly cut borders around a sticker so that when the sticker is lifted off of the page, it will peel at the custom shape kiss-cut while the backing of the label will remain.


Their unique brand of premium printing products with top-notch customer services is unique in the crowded printing space. They are also an affordable option to print marketing stickers, and a superbly designed label will help differentiate your brand from other businesses. 


The company’s portfolio also extends to roll labels, booklets, stickers, postcards, brochures and flyers, business cards, signs and banners, A-frame displays, and more.


With Guru Printers, the printing service process is easy. Simply upload your company logo and other branding graphics, and they will print it on all types of products. They also offer large-format printing services, which are perfect for companies that have events.


For more information about their label and sheet printing options, click on their website https://guruprinters.com/stickers-on-sheet/. Their design team can also help businesses figure out the best design options, so either call them on 213-935-8657 or email guruprinterspromotion@gmail.com



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