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Fashion Tip: Tips To Buy A Perfect Engagement Ring

Posted 30 May-2019 12:57 PM by Martin | 87

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring - Initial Steps

There are many things that you should take into consideration when you look for a Custom Engagement Ring. Firstly, you need to consider the woman or the man you are buying it for. It is all about her or him and so this ring needs to reflect his or her taste and style. If you can answer the following questions, you are well on your way to finding her the ring of her dreams.

Is their style more trendy and fun or timeless and classic? 
Do they wear things that are more bold and loud or understated and elegant? 
When they wear jewelry do they tend to wear white gold or yellow gold? 
Are the jewelry items she wears big statement pieces or delicate and simple? Or what kind of watches he wears?
Do they want to be unique or are contended to blend in with the crowd?

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring - Helpful Hints

Men often overlook the factors listed below but before you go out and look around at Custom Designed Engagement Rings it is helpful to take the following into consideration

Are they active or sedentary? 
What is their ring size?

If your partner is active you need to think about the engagement ring setting that protects the diamond. Bezel settings offer a great deal of security and a bezel setting is just a band of metal (the type of precious metal you select for the ring) that surrounds the stone. But if they are kind of more sedentary then, there is more flexibility in choosing a setting.

If you are unaware of your girlfriend's ring size, you can find it out in one of two ways. The first way is to take a ring that they currently own to your jeweler to have it sized and if you do not have access to her jewelry box, your second option would be to ask her mother. Hopefully, either of these two options is feasible, if not, then just make sure to tell your jeweler that you need a Classic Engagement Ring setting that can be easily re-sized (certain settings are hard to adjust).

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring - The 4 C's Of Diamonds

Get familiar with the 4 C's of diamonds, they are cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Cut - the cut of a diamond is considered the most important factor. The quality of the cut determines the shine and brilliance. The better the cut of a diamond, the more likely the stone will reflect and refract light.

Color - it is extremely rare for a diamond to have an absence of color, the majority have a hint of color. The diamond color scale starts at D (white) and goes all the way to Z (yellow). Only trained gemologists can detect color beyond the G or H range, so it really is not worth the ridiculously high price to go for a D unless you can afford it.

Clarity - the majority of diamonds have imperfections referred to as inclusions. The clarity grading scale starts at IF (internally flawless) and goes all the way to I3 (very flawed). Clarity grades that start in the I category are not recommended for purchase because even the untrained eye can see inclusions. The first few category grades the differences are barely noticeable and certainly not to the naked or untrained eye.

Carat - the bigger the diamond the more money it will cost. People tend to get very caught up in carat weight but jewelers really see it as the least important factor when purchasing a diamond. Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to diamonds. With tiny diamonds, any variance in carat weight is a lot more noticeable than small variances in size among.60 carat diamonds and above.

Here, in diamond district block there is an amazing collection of gorgeous engagement rings for both men and women.  Diamond Engagement Ring and the rings with embellished stones. Diamond district block is the perfect place to buy your engagement ring from. The rings are available in good quality yet pocket-friendly prices.

Good luck with your purchase and we certainly hope that our article helped you figure out how to choose the right engagement ring.

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