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Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Mom under $50 – Slate and Tell

Posted 27 Nov-2020 03:39 PM by Julie | 1727

Giving a gift is one of the best ways of expressing gratitude and showing your love and concern to someone you love the most. Mother is regarded as the quintessence of unconditional love and compassion personified. Giving a gift of a valuable jewelry piece to her can be the best way to show her your adoration.

Slate and Tell is one of the biggest brands that organize sales for Holiday jewelry gifts for mothers. You can choose from some of the best jewelry gift ideas that prove very worthy. Be it mother's day or your mom's birthday, giving a gift like a locket and a pendant, or ring can be a once in a lifetime but purposeful gift. 

The jewelry gifts for Mom you get from Slate and Tell is also highly personalizable; you can engrave your mother's name and a short quote on the piece to commemorate the event for which you are gifting it. https://www.slateandtell.com/gifts-under-50/gifts-under-50

You can also get a small phrase of love like œWith love from ¦ to ¦ which can add a dimension for you to express and impress your loving and caring nature. 

As a good jeweler, Slate and Tell offers you a variety of options like gold and platinum, with different hues; diamond and other expensive stones, like zodiac and so; and many more options. They make it possible for everyone to choose materials that are affordable for people with different budgets. 

Also, Slate and Tell keep up with the market trend in introducing newer design iterations and conforming to the currency of vogue and style. Besides, the designs have a sense of solemnity with a ting of casualness.

If you have tried other companies and have not been able to get the right option, then Slate and Tell is your final destination. You can rest assured of choosing the right jewelry piece like a ring, earring, bracelet, necklace and pendant, and anything else.

œWe, at Slate and Tell, offer you some of the intriguing designs and forms in a variety of jewelry items. We are known for our specialty of etching names and important phrases on these items. Our expert jewelry designers perform intensive and meticulous researches in the market to get the newest design iterations.

About Slate and Tell

Slate and Tell is known for its expert craftsmanship in making some of the most intriguing jewelry items like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. The customization option with engraving the name can be the best investment in jewelry that you wish to own for a lifetime. It is also a perfect gift for your loved one.

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Phone: (212) 500-0828

Email: support@slateandtell.com


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