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FusionAuth Adds Enterprise Kubernetes Support, Making It Simple to Add Authentication Authorization

Posted 15 Nov-2021 06:21 PM by wagner | 1204

 FusionAuth, the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, today announced Enterprise Kubernetes Support. Building on Kubernetes is a solid foundation for microservices and other modern architectures but, in today's zero-trust environments, developer teams still need a way to ensure that access is limited to authorized users and services. By deploying FusionAuth into their Kubernetes clusters, teams have an API-first, developer-friendly identity provider for all their credentials and token management needs.

"Like everything we do at FusionAuth, we approached supporting Kubernetes with the developer at the forefront of our mind. We worked with our community to understand what they needed from an auth solution in Kubernetes, then delivered it," said Brian Pontarelli, CTO at FusionAuth. "FusionAuth is self-hosted, giving developers a tremendous amount of control and power, but we deploy like a SaaS offering ” quickly and efficiently. There's no need for making things in Kube more complicated than they need to be. With our new Kubernetes support, developers can set up and configure auth in an app in minutes."

Kubernetes continues to be the go-to choice for container orchestration platforms, with 78% of companies polled by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation using it. Despite its popularity amongst enterprises, Kubernetes is notoriously complex. Adding authorization and authentication services within it is often more work than DevSecOps teams have the bandwidth or expertise for.

"We have a Kubernetes set up for our platform and the integration of FusionAuth via the helm chart is just a breeze. Together with FusionAuth Kickstart, we can launch new dedicated FusionAuth instances completely automatised," said Cyrill Lippuner, CTO at Aposphere. "Further, it can run completely in a private network without needing cloud access, which is a big plus on the privacy side."

FusionAuth's Kubernetes support is turnkey, with minimal configuration and no coding required. For more on using FusionAuth in Kubernetes, visit https://fusionauth.io/kubernetes/. 

About FusionAuth

FusionAuth is the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, by developers. It solves the problem of building essential user security without adding risk or distracting from the primary application. For developers and technical leaders creating products for external users, FusionAuth puts them in the driver's seat, with control, flexibility and developer ergonomics. FusionAuth tames the risk and complexity that comes with typical identity systems. With self-hosted or cloud software, extensive documentation, free options, fast deployment and a no-hassle process, it eliminates the business hurdles that make it hard for developers to meet their authentication and authorization requirements. Learn more at www.fusionauth.io.
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