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Western Mining Pool(WMP) to create the top cloud mining service ecosystem

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In the context of the global market value of digital currencies approaching 2 trillion U.S. dollars, mining, a stable way that crosses bulls and bears and is not afraid of market fluctuations, is being favored by more investors. At present, the digital currency mining industry has entered a mature and stable period of scale, and new changes have taken place in the global distribution of computing power: the scale of overseas computing power has gradually expanded, and mining concept stocks have gradually emerged in the US capital market.

After years of development, the current digital currency mining industry has entered a mature and stable period of scale, and new changes have taken place in the global distribution of computing power: mining concept stocks have gradually emerged in the European and American capital markets, while the scale of overseas computing power has gradually expanded. More and more funds and institutions with professional operations and risk control capabilities are entering the market, and more and more listed companies are entering the mining industry.

The mining industry chain is also developing in a more complete direction: from the early stage of mining, customers can't see chip development, power supply research and development, and machine assembly; during the beginning of mining, including the mine's shelf, after-sales, and mine operation and maintenance software , Possess a multi-mining mining pool; in the process of calculating income, currency hedging, pledge, etc., similar to financial operations.

The threshold for mining is getting higher and higher, and it is often difficult for ordinary users to complete the global mining and scale operations on their own. In the entire mining process, it is indeed difficult for small retail investors, to ensure that the correct choice is made at each stage.

And as a heavy-investment business, the investment in mining not only includes the cost of the configuration of the mining machine, but also the high electricity expenses and maintenance cost of the mining machine. For a long time, miners have also had to bear multiple risks such as currency mismatch, hardware equipment iteration, and currency price fluctuations. Therefore, mining has high liquidity requirements for miners.

Therefore, a service called œcloud mining has emerged in recent years and has been rapidly promoted.

The so-called œcloud mining means that users purchase cloud computing power contracts through the platform, lease computing power for mining, and obtain income at regular intervals. Its core advantage is to simplify the process and lower the barriers to entry. Users do not need to purchase expensive mining machines, select mines, and do not need to perform 24-hour operation and maintenance by themselves. After the contract ends, there is no need to deal with machines, venues, etc., and withdrawal is more flexible.

Moreover, the users brought by cloud mining are not only helpful for the sales of mining machines, but also for the upstream and downstream mines and mining pools of the industry, which will drive the value-added of the upstream and downstream industries.

According to statistics, there are currently more than 50 global cloud computing platforms including Huobi Mining Pool and Western Mining Pool (WMP).

WMP is one of the masters.

WMP is a one-stop blockchain and digital asset mining platform based on the cryptocurrency mining business. WMP was born in the United States. Its technical team comes from well-known companies such as Binance, Google, BitMaini, etc. WMP is committed to providing global users with investment and consulting services for blockchain mining business. Its vision is to build high-yield, high-performance The mining infrastructure of the company uses stable mining revenue as the profit foundation of the project, allowing ordinary users to more easily participate in the industrial investment of the blockchain.

In terms of business development, WMP focuses on providing global individual investors and institutional users with a true, professional and reliable set of customized mining service solutions, covering but not limited to two star business lines: cloud mining and cloud hosting , Packaged management of complex processes such as mining machine purchase, logistics transportation, power management, mine operation and maintenance, and users can enjoy the service by placing an order with one click.

The WMP platform lowers the mining threshold. Investors do not need to worry about them. Investors can remotely monitor data and receive mining profits. This method is very suitable for individual miners or new miners. The role of an individual miner is an investor, without the need to build a mining environment and perform operation and maintenance work.

WMP has the following advantages, which can ensure that the services it provides to customers are true and reliable: first, the platform is transparent, users can check their own computing power from any third-party mining pool; second, the funds are safe, users can directly deposit coins Hit your own wallet; thirdly, it is highly risk-resistant. The mines that WMP cooperates with are all compliant mines, and policy risks are greatly reduced. Fourth, the scale is huge, WMP manages tens of thousands of mining machines, and is affected by unexpected disasters such as force majeure. Smaller.

More convenient and efficient cloud services and more intelligent operation and maintenance management will be the future trend of the mining industry, and mining ecological cloud services will become the mainstream. WMP hopes to become a solid bridge linking mining machine manufacturers, miners, individual investors, institutions and capital.

The digital asset industry is entering the best period in history. A decentralized trust mechanism is the foundation of the value of digital assets. The digital asset industry must be built around trust value. Co-creating credible value with professional services is the next business philosophy of WMP. WMP will continue to work with more outstanding industry partners to provide customers with trustworthy digital asset mining services and create top-notch cloud mining services.


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