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Private Label Apparel Announces Pay as You Go Financing for Small To Medium Manufacturing Orders

Posted 04 Jun-2020 11:24 AM by Rony | 545

In a bid to help businesses recover from COVID-19 lockdown-induced losses, reputed denim manufacturer Private Label Apparel Connection announced the launch of a œPay as You Go Financing offer. This flexible payment scheme allows customers to order 1,000 or more mixed styles at a time, and pay as the goods are released within 90 days.

This offer includes style and wash flexibility with no storage fee up to 90 days. Customers need to pay only for half the order in advance. The company will cut and sew the entire order and wash 50% for immediate delivery. After the initial pieces are delivered, customers can release the rest of the production in batches of 200+ and pay for only what is released. The wash can be chosen at the time of release of the order. Private Label Apparel will ship within 3 weeks of the wash confirmation.

The company explained that with this Pay as You Go Financing offer, customers who normally order 500 pieces at a time with Private Label Apparel, can now order 1,000 pieces without the requirement of any extra cash outlay. Moreover, all 1,000 pieces do not have to be the same. They can comprise up to 2 fabrics and 4 styles (different fits) per 1,000 pieces ordered and 5 washes in total (200 items per wash) giving huge flexibility. As added benefits, customers get the higher tier pricing on their production saving as much as 30% on the manufacturing cost and release orders are shipped within 3 weeks making for a fast turnaround time. Minimum order 1000 pieces, maximum 5000. All pay as you go orders get woven main labels development and production at no additional charge.

For example, a customer could order 250 skinny jeans, 250 high rise relaxed fit, 250 western boot cut and 250 shorts. Each style can have up to 3 washes. Splits with/without deconstructions are also accepted within each wash. The customer can choose the washes and treatments for the first 500 pieces. Private Label Apparel will cut and sew the entire lot of 1,000 pieces and wash 500 for the first batch of delivery, while the second 500 will be stored unwashed. After the first 500 are shipped, the balance can be released 200+ pieces at a time, 50 minimum per style/wash. Customers can choose wash and treatments individually for each release. Washes and deconstruction do not have to be the same as previous deliveries.

Payment for each release is due at the time the release is ordered, all goods have to be released and paid for within 90 days. The offer is applicable on all denim apparel, jeans, jackets, skirts and shorts manufacturing.

œThis is a difficult time for businesses, especially apparel since people are cutting back on non-essential purchase during times of economic uncertainty. Private Label Apparel is committed to standing by our clients through this time of recuperation. We have launched the Pay as You Go Financing offer in the hope it helps the recovery process. We believe this will ease the burden for our clients by greatly reducing the cash flow needed to manufacture jeans and giving great manufacturing flexibility said a company spokesperson.

About the Company: Established in 2018, Los Angeles based Private Label Apparel is known for its small batch factories, which help small and big boutiques, chain stores, designers and wholesale brands to offer their own store label, high-quality jeans. The company has collaborated with both emerging and established brands, to produce white-label clothing. Whether companies are looking for full package clothing production, or cut & sew jeans manufacturing, Private Label offers it all and much more. Drop shipping facilities are also available for individual and wholesale orders, both within the USA and overseas.

Private Label Apparel is proud to partner with a large-scale factory in Pakistan, offering services to many international denim brands.


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