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Chakkar Maar, World Premier on OTT , Watch, Refer and earn

Posted 05 Oct-2020 05:39 AM by Ethan | 1039

A new movie bringing all new different story of very differentiated lives of Hijras to light. 
Trust Bollywood to capitalise on misrepresentation! Many Bollywood movies play around with clich©d, stereotypical tropes like the funny Sikh man, the shrewd Gujarati businessman, the effeminate gay man, the nagging wife, the Muslim antagonist, etc. One of such communities which has been highly misrepresented time and again is that of the Hijras.
However, not all is bad. The film industries in India are also taking a few positive steps in the direction of the LGBTQ representation in films. One such film is Chakka Maar. What is the specialty and what are the problems they face all these things were explained in detail in this film. The director says, œIn this society, people will look these people with inferiority. At some places, these will be treated as beggars only. However, among them too, there are human values. They take birth without their fault and keep fighting for civil rights for them. The producer says, œ˜In order to script the subject, we spoke to several Hijras in India and learnt the problems faced by them. Such a film is the first of its kind in India. Made in Bollywood, this movie has a different take on perspectives involving Hijras. 
 Other such films are Faraz Arif Ansari, an independent filmmaker is not only credited with Sisak, India's first short LGBTQ love story, but he has also since reached out to trans actors for the roles depicting trans people. Tamil cinema has opened up the space for trans actors with films like Naadodigal 2 and Peranbu.Generally Indian people differentiate male with mustache and female with who has long hair. If one possesses both of them, we call them Hijras.

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Directors : H M Imran (Indra Mohan)


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