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Neema Academy Introduces SEE Brain Booster Course for Class 10 Students

Posted 10 Feb-2022 10:08 AM by Neema | 818

With its profound legacy of more than three decades in Nepalese Education Fraternity, Neema Academy, the pioneer of eLearning in Nepal has shown up with SEE Brain Booster Courses especially for Class 10 Students. 

Targeted at the SEE preparation students for the upcoming SEE Exam, the capsule courses were designed not only for the exam point of view but also to incorporate the broader way of learning. For instance, more than mapped content according to the existing curriculum, interesting ways of learning leveraging the multimedia and gamified way of learning made the teaching-learning method fun-filled and easier. 

In the meantime, Nepal has already coped with the third wave of novel coronavirus. The current routine of smart lockdown, odd-even rules, and work from Home culture has made an easy. Noticeably, it's high time, like staying in the comfort of home and going with the working/studying routines is something appreciable. Our SEE Brain Booster courses are the just FIT for this, in an instant model. But seeing beyond the horizon, Neema Academy aims high and strives to #DigitalEducationSystem in Nepal. 

In the foreseeable future, as in previous sessions, academics and institutional exams will be hampered but the major impact will be on SEE 2079, which is expected to be conducted in Baisakh. In this dilemmatic phase, the capsule courses for Grade 10 Students by Neema Academy work. Most importantly, the course can be read both online as well as offline. It is just good that any curious soul can learn anytime and anywhere. 

Focusing on the SEE 2079 examinees, Grade 10 Students, so that they can prepare in a quick and smart way, below are the offerings i.e., SEE Brain Booster by Neema Academy. 

  1. SEE Brain Booster- Class 10 Math Online Course

  2. SEE Brain Booster- Class 10 Science Online Course

  3. SEE Brain Booster- Math & Science Combo Package Online Course


About SEE Brain Booster Course 

As mentioned above, the courses are crafted to make learning easier, interesting, and engaging. For now, Neema Academy has come up with Maths and Science of which students have constant fear. With the help of text, images, GIFs, games, and videos, students can learn 3X times faster and more efficiently. In the near future, Neema Academy will be preparing all subjects for all sorts of Learners. 

About Neema Academy 

A pioneer of eLearning Platforms in Nepal, Neema Academy, is an efficient learning hub. With the sole intention towards #eLearningInNepal; online and offline with both academic & non-academic courses, it aspires to educate the entire nation, using the latest technology and resources.

Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude, best wishes to all the learners out there and principally to SEE Exam, examinees. Good luck 10th Graders.


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