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Collision Token is Here and Collision Gate TCG is on its Way

Posted 29 Jan-2022 05:07 AM by Andrew | 772

Collision Token had it's Pinksale presale on November 13 2021 and through a very loyal early support group has managed to reach a liquidity pool of 64 BNB on Pancakeswap with ~120 users in 6 weeks. Collision Token's Tokenomics currently include 8% BUSD rewards to users 4%  Liquidity and 3% Marketing and Development with future plans to use half of the Development fund for Buy Back and Burn.

The Token was created to fund the 3D Competitive Trading Card Game Collision Gate which is currently in its final stages of development before its release. However the game will not be hitting the Blockchain immediately and instead will have a traditional release of 360 physical trading cards in the next year. Collision plans to take a different approach by first creating projects that can stand on their own before allowing users to use the Play to Earn mechanics. The belief behind this approach being that it will allow Collision Gate and all future IPs and projects to stand on their own creating marks inside their genres community to hopefully bridge the gap and show users that despite its rocky history blockchain is exactly the future so many are claiming it to be.

To accomplish this goal a one of a kind card game was created with a nostalgic feel that offers back and forth player interactions that are sure to keep any TCG player enticed while offering a Blockchain solution for those players hoping to earn $CGT and by extension $BUSD. Currently Collision Gate is planned to have review copies sent out in the early middle of Q3 2022 with sneak peaks of lore and art planned throughout the remaining timeline. An official release date has not been set at this time however.  In the meantime supporters will also have an NFT Marketplace where rare versions of the game's cards can be bought, generated and sold in an NFT format. This same type of cryptography will be used to prevent theft of the game's physical cards by including a hash on each card that will be registered via the Collision Gate Companion app. 

The Tokens BUSD rewards will receive a Reflections Dapp with plans to integrate a live chart for $CGT as well as show reflections from other rewards projects . Finally current holders of $CGT have been given a chance at 1 of 10 spots in a 5.5 Trillion Token giveaway (55 Trillion Total Tokens) with plans for future chances at similar opportunities later down the line. Collision Token can be purchased on Pancakeswap at https://pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0x44c9aced03b456a8a01b86a59496eacd8764206e and with the recent drop in BNB now has never been a better time to take a chance on such an ambitious new project.


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Collision LLC ---------- ---------- https://collisiongate.com

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