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VeeFiends Announce “They Are Not A Scam!” and the Sale of Their Gary Vee NFT Homage Collection

Posted 07 Apr-2022 07:27 PM by Monica | 588

With fiends like these, who says we can't be friends? Veefiends is taking a stand against scam allegations and launching their pre-sale on April 8th!

(Vancouver, Canada) April 7th, 2020  Everyone needs an anti-hero. Superman had Bizzaro Man, Mario had Wario, and VeeFriends now has Veefiends. But are all Bizzaro versions villains? Not in this case! Laughing in the face of scam allegations, VeeFiends is thrilled to announce the pre-sale of their NFT collection, paying homage to the great Gary Vaynerchuk, better known as œGaryVee, serial entrepreneur and creator of VeeFriends. The pre-sale will begin on April 8th, 2022, with the public sale launching on Sunday, April 10th.

œ If I had an NFT for every time a person thought our project was a scam, I'd have enough money to take everyone to Veecon, laughed creator Alex Lim. œ People need to understand that our ethos is Maximum Sustainable Generosity and transparency. This is a project of love, laughter, community, and attending the best super conference in town. We are trying to give here!

Headed by Alex Lim, a businessman from Vancouver, Canada, the 4-person multinational group came together after meeting in the Veefriends community with one goal: to apply the knowledge gained from interacting within the group and bring the same opportunity to others while having fun. 

Like VeeFriends tokens, Veefiends are more than just an image; they represent a chance to join one of the hottest entrepreneur conventions to date. The Veefiends collection features 268 hand-drawn parody artworks with 5555 iterations stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders will gain access to a fun, lighthearted community filled with exclusive giveaways, mini-games with global leaderboards, and great prizes and merch. 

These creations by Veefiends' artist, Trang, display a whimsical spin-off to the positive attributes of VeeFriends. The artwork features ten different backgrounds and multiple ˜special properties' that offer unique benefits to the holder. 

The most significant benefit of all is that Veefiends holders will participate in a lottery to win 15 grand prizes: Flight, hotel accommodation, and entry to VeeCon 2022,  a multi-day conference run by Vaynerchuk which focuses on business, marketing, creativity, and entrepreneurship! The number of grand prize draws will be dependent on the number of Veefiends sold. Currently, Veecon tickets go for 2 ETH ($6,800) as of March 28th, not counting transportation and hotel stay, so at .05 ETH ($170), a fiend is a friend indeed! Winners will be drawn between  April 15th through 18th. 

What does Gary Vee have to say about the Veefiends project? He couldn't be reached for comment, but he liked this tweet! 

Be a friend and buy a fiend! For more information, visit their website and follow VeeFiends on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and join their community on Discord

Press Contact: 

Alex Lim



About VeeFiends: Veefiends is the creation of four hardcore Gary Vee fans who want to share their love for entrepreneurship and everything fun with the world. Building a community around the principle of Maximum Sustainable Generosity, they aim to change lives while creating lasting memories with those who attend Veecon with them.



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