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NFTTONE, the Music NFT Platform for musicians, announced it is relaunching its smart contract.

Posted 28 Mar-2022 12:24 AM by daniel | 777

 Recently, NFTTONE (TONE), the Music NFT Platform for musicians, announced it is relaunching its smart contract $TONE as $MNT to prepare for their retooled MusicNFT Marketplace and to upgrade their previous contract adding features and adjusted tokenomics.

NFT TONE is a decentralized NFT marketplace empowering artists and fans to connect with each other to partner and market limited edition music and audio NFT's.  Within our ecosystem, musicians are able to upload, mint, market and distribute, music and albums within the NFTTONE marketplace without the need for agents, or middlemen while providing fans and curators the ability to listen, own, trade and share music in a partnership with the musician, all powered and tracked on the blockchain.

From physical Cassette and CD to retail record stores to online platforms maturing from Napster to spotify,  the music distribution model is constantly evolving. NFT Tone is pioneering the future of music with a web 3.0 approach, providing ownership, partnerships and investments opportunities that partner artists with music fans without the need for a middleman.

NFTs are the very foundation of this evolution, with technology that provides the backbone of ownership and smart contracts that will disrupt the current music marketplace.

The evolution of the project's current token, $TONE,  will be relaunched as $MNT (Music NFT Token) and is the next phase of their token development that will further facilitate the purchase and selling of MUSIC NFTs on the NFT TONE platform. 

Further, NFT TONE will reopen defi use cases such as staking and begin researching community benefits such as governance and specific music use cases such as facilitating the distribution of royalties and streaming music. The Project will  complete an additional audit with a third party prior to launch and will continue to pursue additional audits post-launch.

œWe know there are a lot of people who create great music that never gets heard, music that has the potential to provide us with great experiences and trigger intense emotions. We intend to change this, while empowering musicians to connect, market and distribute their music without a need for a middle man,  $MNT the Music NFT Token, is the first salvos in this initiative Commented John Modahl, CEO of NFTTONE


3 reasons why MNT is the evolution of TONE

  • Upgraded contract implementing a 1,000,000 : 1 consolidation

  • Increased quality, security and accessibility of TONE

  • Preparing us for a warp speed future, with low cost minting, metaverse, staking, an evolved and revenue sharing of MusicNFT's


Giving Power back to Creators

NFT TONE gives artists 100% ownership and rights to their music. We offer a massive advantage to the current music industry model by completely leveling the playing field, artists can now go around the middlemen and interact with their fans directly.

Strengthening The Relationship With Fans

NFT TONE allows fans to own rare collectibles directly from their favorite musicians - from special, limited-edition music releases to concert tickets that provide undeniable proof that they attended a concert or special access to the artist, think of it as a lifetime VIP pass.  The collectible has a deeper meaning for the fan when it comes directly from the artist instead of a distribution platform. The result is a stronger relationship between the artist and the fan.

Since its inception, the doxxed dev team has made strategic partnerships with musicians and platforms in order to bring their vision to reality and exponentially increase their user base.

œOur retooled marketplace that will be allow music fans to listen, stream and enjoy music from our artists is the next salvo, and will represent a huge leap forward in the evolution of music,  adding your favorite songs to a playlist will be enhanced by the ability to purchase that track as an NFT and hold it as a commodity in partnership with the musician.  Commented Daniel Leubitz,  CMO

Community Driven

NFTTONE is a community of investors, traders, musicians, music enthusiasts and much more!

In addition, the core team is always ready to engage their members in Telegram voice chats and is very transparent with the project's next steps. The voice chat is open anytime for members to speak with admins and devs and also get to know new and interesting people in the music community.


$MNT will be available on PancakeSwap post pre-sale. To ensure the security of token holders, the Liquidity (LP) will be locked for 360 days and will be extended. 

There is a 5% tax that can be modified accordingly to increase/decrease, LP, or Marketing funds while doing promotions or giveaways but never more than 5%. NFTTONE, anticipates revenue from the marketplace to replace a percentage of the tokenomics, it is the company's belief that while tokenomics is required during the startup and growth phase to gain traction, we are confident the fees on trading and minting of Music NFT's will create an enormous revenue stream able to grow the market and product.


What does the future hold?

With a solid foundation of innovations backing the NFTTONE ecosystem, the NFTTONE team is continuously looking for ways to push the project forward with a planned release of its updated marketplace this quarter followed with a roadmap of advanced feature sets and partnerships.


NFT TONE is a decentralized social marketplace offering music artists the ability to connect with each other along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system running on the blockchain, giving access to a world of opportunities for those with a passion tied to the entertaining values of music and performance arts.


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Company Information

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NFTTONE 972526477757 daniel@nfttoneio https://pr.nfttone.io/landingama/

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