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01 Jul, 2022
Wilton, CT, USA, July 01, 2022 -- If the name Button Gwinnett doesn’t ring a bell, you’re in good company, even among many American history buffs....Read More

08 Jun, 2022
Wilton, CT, USA, June 8, 2022 -- Extensive and historically significant archives pertaining to Civil War generals (one for the Union, one for the Conf...Read More

22 Apr, 2022
Five items pertaining to Albert Einstein (two typed letters; a handwritten letter; an awards program; and a humorous card; all five of them hand-signe...Read More

18 Mar, 2022
Wilton, CT -- A 197-page book manuscript written entirely in the hand of Israeli military commander and statesman Moshe Dayan, two items pertaining to...Read More

04 Feb, 2022
Wilton, CT, USA, February 2, 2022 -- Two letters signed by Albert Einstein (one typed, one handwritten, both in German), a recognizance bond signed by...Read More

25 Dec, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, December 25, 2022 -- A manuscript handwritten in German by Albert Einstein, signed, with several lines of mathematical equations, a c...Read More

01 Nov, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, November 1, 2021 -- A rare and historic Revolutionary War powder horn, an extensive archive of material pertaining to Playboy magazin...Read More

18 Sep, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, September 18, 2021 -- University Archives’ next major online-only auction, slated for Wednesday, September 29th at 10:30 am Eastern...Read More

17 Jun, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, June 17, 2021 -- A typed letter written and signed by Albert Einstein to President Herbert Hoover in 1929, a one-page letter penned a...Read More

02 Jun, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, June 2, 2021 -- A manuscript penned by Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), with mathematical notes and calculations relating to Book III of...Read More

16 May, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, May 16, 2021 -- An autograph album from 1862 containing the signature of Abraham Lincoln and 226 members of his administration and Co...Read More

28 Mar, 2021
An exquisite portrait miniature of Thomas Jefferson along with two locks of hair (one of them Jefferson’s), and a letter and photograph signed by Al...Read More

17 Feb, 2021
Wilton, CT, USA, February 17, 2021 -- An exceptional handwritten four-page presidential address signed by Thomas Jefferson and directed to the Cheroke...Read More

22 Dec, 2020
A four-page manuscript consisting of nearly 2,300 words written entirely in the hand of English physicist Sir Isaac Newton, a World War II-dated lette...Read More

30 Oct, 2020
Westport, CT, USA, October 30, 2020 -- A black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe signed and inscribed “to Joe” (possibly Joe DiMaggio), a one...Read More

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